Shengzhang: Journey of the Immortal [WIP] [Chapter 2 Part 1: Febuary 16th, 2023!] [63k Words]

I’m going for all Pīnyīn. That’s my only hope for having any idea how to pronounce anything. I’ll probably fail miserably, but at least I’ll recognize some of the letters :joy:


I respect whatever people choose! I am wondering if, when the project is completed, I should include a different version of the dictionary system I’m using that lets you choose subcategories or allows you to see definitions for words or the like. Future ideas, I suppose, but I actually really enjoyed the process of putting the dictionary together! I am excited for the fruit it will bear in the future!

Honestly I’m excited that there are people planning to use that option since I worried the first two options were purely made for my own peace of mind rather than anyone else!

Response to @Starwish_Armedwithwi :
I would love to see what you think when the update comes out, the glossary got some refinements with it! I will just reiterate for posterity that while the class system has some more direct influences from history, including the examination system for the Shi, a lot is complete fantasy. [The Cardinal Spirits are from history, while the deities are more literal in a way not dissimilar to Shintoism though I deliberately didnt want the religion to be reflective of one specific one in the deal world.]

Title Names are also different from how your second name was given in China in the real past. If I remember correctly, second names would have been given upon adulthood, and would be chosen by a singular Sage in order to reflect your character. Title Names are given in time by a community, though their goal is similar.

I could ramble for ever, this is a more general explanation of why its a fantasy inspired by and not entirely reflective of Tang dynasty China, I guess.


As a native Chinese speaker, I honestly don’t care about character names, but I can see how it would be hard to remember for English speakers…

I really like the current glossary system though, mostly because I don’t know anything about history.


Progress Update (March 27th, 2023): I’m wanting input on an issue that I am figuring now that I have returned to this project has granted me a clarity/hindsight. I was thinking that shifting the focus from the kid for now in favour of focusing on what is in front of the Immortal.

My reasons for this are complex, but the primary one that jumps out at me is that the Immortal has a lot of issues to work through, particularly with the recent news. I think that the Main Cast would be aware of this in varying degrees, and it felt incredibly out of character to think of Zhēn as the kind of man who would see someone hurting and let them walk off with a child more or less dependent on them. My original framing of the story was entirely around this relationship between Immortal and Child, but I realised that currently forcing it felt very out of place with everything else that is/will be occuring within the narrative.

The Immortal has a lot of things to contend with, working through their feelings regarding Rú, potentially connecting with one of the four in the cast and attempting to open up, trying to put the demons of their past to rest, and this isn’t even getting into the elements regarding how or why Rú ended up killed.

I would love thoughts on this, but I think that they have a lot to worry about without factoring a dependent child on top of their issues [not to mention-- how would they reasonably manage that with all that floating about in their head and their dissociative episodes?]. I also think that trying originally I was trying to intermingle too many ideas in a singular book. So, I’m thinking that the humanity-connection focused content [in a more broad sense than just forming connections with the Main Cast] might be better off in a potential sequel. This would also means I will probably be considering again what age to make the kid, since their role has changed again in the narrative.

Anyway, I am basically looking to see if I can gauge some of people’s opinions on this… Would it bother you if the Child’s role ends up smaller than originally planned? I’ll probably lean more into the Mystery angle and the connection between the Main Cast [The Child will still have potential a lot of interactions, particularly within Zhēn’s route, but won’t be immediately pushed on the Immortal.]

  • I think it’s fine [The Immortal/Child Dynamic wasn’t the main draw to me]
  • I think it’s fine [The Immortal/Child Dynamic is interesting, but can wait]
  • I’m indifferent [I don’t think it really matters either way]
  • I don’t like it [It changes too much of the narrative]
  • I don’t like it [The Immortal/Child Dynamic was the main draw]

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The story is fascinating and i hope to see more of it in the future. I played through many times to see everything.


Anyone still alive here?


Yeah, this project isn’t being abandoned or anything, author just got some things to deal with,


Yeah, I am still very motivated to continue working on this project, just working through some medical issues. I have some planned changes for the earlier parts of the story after I finish the chapter I was working on prior to me breaking from the project.

I am planning on making some changes after I finish the second chapter. I know my progress slowed quite a lot but it doesn’t mean I am any less passionate about the story or my characters. :blush:

Response to @Starwish_Armedwithwi :
Thanks for taking the time to clear it up in the interim!


Just make sure to get plenty of rest and take as many breaks as you can! The project won’t go anywhere, and neither would your fans :heart: