Seven Ravens (Modern Fantasy WIP) - Demo (Prologue, Ch1) 4/6



why dont you make a poll ? as for me, i prefer the less frequent but larger update than frequent but small update :sweat_smile:


@Curious_Boy: …that is a very good suggestion, and I feel silly for not thinking about it :smile:


Personally, i dont care sis. Do which is best for you.



Stories about the supernatural are always welcomed :slight_smile:

Reading the demo, I have a couple questions, if you don’t mind. Do the fae instinctually recognise the source of MC’s ability and if yes, will they do something about it? Or is it only a problem, if the MC sees something they shouldn’t?

Since the MC’s predecessor got the curse of the eyes from the stolen ointment, I have to wonder, whether fae also need it to see magic or does it have a different effect on their eyes.

I am by no means a grammar master, but I think I spotted some minor errors

as pull on your winter coat.

as you pull on your winter coat

According to family legend,

According to the family legend,

So the magic you work with on a daily basis, it’s worn, and weakened by the city

I’m guessing this should be "So the magic you work with on a daily basis is worn and weakened by the city …

I’ll be back with more thoughts on the story (and probably questions as well) after replaying the demo a couple times :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!


They do not instinctively recognize it! They only realize something’s up if you act in a way that tells them. (In the stories this is based on, it’s like, “human thief uses ointment, then sees a fairy stealing stuff at the market the next day and calls it out. Human is then blinded in the afflicted eye.” Without the call out, the fairy wouldn’t have realized.)

Having said that, not letting on may be…difficult. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves :smile:

We’ll see about that :wink:

Thanks for catching those!


So does Ava look like a normal bird to everyone else?


I’m curious to see where this goes, hehe~ Currently have no questions, and I think that’s because the users before me already asked what I would like to know, aha. Anyways, I’ll be keeping up with this! Good luck! :blush:


It says tinny not tiny on the first page. Is that intentional?

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