Setting quicktest or dashingdon to ignore *sm_init command

I was wondering whether it would be possible to set up quicktest or CSside to ignore the *sm_init command (used by the save-in plug-in that can be automatically set in dashingon), and potentially other variable that are used by CoG when a full copy of the game is made? (maybe this would require changes to the quicktest? @Jason?)

Basically, every time I have to check the game I have to hide (through a *comment) and remove this, which becomes a bit tedious (same when trying to make changes to an existing released game…)

(By the way, don’t get me wrong, I love CSIDE and the quicktest feature, just thinking of ways to improve, along the lines of how the community might nowadays be using these tools, which has clearly evolved over the last few years…)

Mark and cut, test, paste?

Yes, but all this could be avoided if quicktest was modified to ignore these commands. I think this could potentially be easy, and yet avoid many of us the constant hassle of trying to do this (which is not the end of the world either, just one suggestion for any future version of choicescript made, as the code seems to be updated from time to time…)


*if not(choice_quicktest)
 (do stuff)


This works? If so I’ll be banging my head against the wall for not trying it out earlier…

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This, or your own variation e.g.:

*if dev_version
  *sm_init ...

…is the best way to go. The latter is good as you can have a ready to publish game at the change of a variable value.

Making quicktest ignore those commands is not a good idea, as those commands aren’t available in published applications. It’s actually a good thing that quicktest reminds you they’re there (even if it is annoying!).


Well yes, I do agree with that, but my suggestion was based on the assumption that adrao would remove the sm_init commands (and any other non-standard programming) before submitting the project for publication. :slight_smile:

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Of course, there was nothing wrong with your suggestion! I merely meant to say that we should not be disabling it from within quicktest as the OP suggested.

I think the ideal solution is to code your game so all the save logic is under a boolean flag that you can set to false when publishing or running quick test.

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