Skipping lines on quicktest

Does anyone know how to get quicktest to ignore a line?

I've tried:
*if (choice_quicktest)
	*goto skipnext


*if not(choice_quicktest)
   lines I want it to ignore here.

But neither seem to work.

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Huh. This is what I use:

*if ((choice_quicktest) or (choice_randomtest))
    *goto xxx

I have never had any issues with it?

I tried that (see below), but it doesn’t fully appear to work?

*if ((choice_quicktest) or (choice_randomtest))

*goto check_playtesting_game

*sm_init lich | 4

*goto check_playtesting_game

*label check_playtesting_game

But I get (using CSIDE)

Error: startup line 1424: Non-existent command ‘sm_init’

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Yep, ran into this problem with *sm_init too, as well as for running parameters (it tries to run the parameter code on its own without being called by a *gosub function, so the parameters have no values).

I get around it with brute force. I use *comment liberally and just put reminders of what needs to be commented out and what needs to be naked code under what circumstances.


Oh that is sm_init messing things up. I haven’t been able to make the testing ignore that, I have to add *comment in front of it every time I test. Sadly, it is not ignorable as long as it is the code, even if you tell it to bypass.


Yep, same here. I also just do a *comment every time…

Oh well, just wanted to see if there was a way…

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Yeah I was trying to get it to ignore the plugin as I thought it should be possible but seems not. Looks like I keep using the comment method :slight_smile:

Quick test, as opposed to random test, executes every line of the code, so there isn’t a way to skip lines. You have to comment them out. That’s a known inconvenience of the method.


As cup suggests, Quicktest analyses every line code (it doesn’t really execute your game in a traditional manner), so it will always complain about the sm commands, even if guarded. I believe the choice_quicktest guard is only useful for some conditional execution (e.g. to set a specific test-only variable value). Or another way to think about it is that anything guarded by choice_quicktest won’t happen when you’re playing your game.