Set test values in URL - go to a scene, set variables

Hi all. I have found this little trick to pass data to my game via the URL. I use it in tests to skip to a scene or to set a variable. Note it uses *script.

*create jump_to_scene ""
*script var jump_to_scene=new URLSearchParams("scene"); if (jump_to_scene) {this.stats.jump_to_scene = jump_to_scene}

*if jump_to_scene = "<YOUR SCENE>"
  *gosub_scene <YOUR SCENE>

I have tested this locally and on dashingdon. This link, for instance, sets the game size, skipping the initial choice.

In order to use it, start with the URL of your game, for example (NOT A REAL LINK):


then you can add “?scene=somescene” to get (NOT A REAL LINK)


With a little more effort, you can pass multiple variables: Javascript does half the job for you already. Let me know if you find it useful.


Links not working for me :slight_smile:

Hi @Charles_Parkes, those were not real links, but only examples on how to use the concept. I updated the post to clarify this, and added a real example.

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I think I follow now! Might there be there other applications other than the testing scenarios you use it for?

The ability to pass data into the app could be used in a million ways:

  • Low-tech state saving: encode the state in a URL and bookmark it. The app may show something like: to get to this point, use this URL:


  • You could pass a sequence of choices to get to a particular configuration as a stress test (similar to randomtest, but more specific). → You can write a regression test suite for your app.

  • You could pass an encoded password/signature to unlock additional levels or features (you’d need to obfuscate the code too).

  • Some configuration (language, theme, sound) could be in the URL.

  • You could simplify/skip some part of the game.

In general, you could control anything that can be controlled by an *if statement. :slight_smile:

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Mind if I ask about one application I’ve been mulling over?

If you had a game with a main character and a ‘buddy’ or friend npc. And you set the main character up normally using a set number of characteristics, that could generate a number string - (9126738349835975340002 that kind of thing)

If you export the string onto the COG forum in a post or direct message, could that string be used to generate the ‘buddy’ in another persons game (assuming all the character characteristics were interpreted in game using a series of *if statements)?

Weirdly specific, I know, but I think it helps me understand the ramifications of what you’ve explored here, if I can apply it to problems I’ve thought about in the past.

Don’t feel you need to respond, the above is interesting enough!

EDIT: Actually - nevermind, I think that’s achievable just with *input_number and coding an interpreter.

Yeah, reasonably sure you can check the value of a specific character in a string. Seen it done and it’s not too complex, but I’d have to check my notes for how to write it out properly.

You could 100% import characters from another person’s game.

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@Charles_Parkes @will you just made CS games social!! Imagine one person finds the rare Sword of Destiny in a game, they can then share it with their friends. Or they become the rulers of Andalasia, their friends can join there.

It would require a lot of code to share and reconstruct the state, but it’s doable (or at least conceivable). @will please share your tips. This reminds me of @stainedofmind password system from a while ago.

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