Set name doesn't show up in Stats

I just started working on my story, but am having trouble with setting a name. Although my startup code seems to be ok, when the user chooses a name, it doesn’t show up in the Stats. My startup code looks like this:

*create sanity 100
*create intelligence 50
*create practical 50
*create strength 50
*create charisma 50
*create name “”

What name would you prefer?
*input_text name

Your name is ${name}, is that right?
    *set name "$!{name}"

My stats code is as follows:
*temp name
*set name “unknown”
text Name
text Strength
text Charisma
opposed_pair Intelligence
percent Sanity

Should be:

[quote] text name Name
text strength Strength
text charisma Charisma [/quote]

Thanks Elwynn.

I made the suggested changes, however, even after choosing a name, the name text on my Stats page still reads “Name: unknown”

Am I missing something else?

So the stats screen code currently makes a second variable called name as a *temp, which you don’t need, and sets it to “unknown”. But you already have *create name and *set name on your startup page. So your stats page just needs to look like this, I think:

Name: $!{name}
    percent strength Strength
    percent charisma Charisma
    opposed_pair intelligence
    percent sanity Sanity

Also, there is no real stat called ‘Practical’, since it’s the second half of an opposed pair. Practical is actually just the inverse of intelligence; it doesn’t exist on its own. To raise Practical, you lower Intelligence. So you’ll want to delete *create practical 50 from your startup page.

Also, be sure the indentation is correct on the *stat_chart. I hope that helps!


That took care of the problem. Thanks!