September 2021's Writer Support Thread

My goals for September:

  • Write 20k words for Asphodel
  • Get solidly into the next scene for Diaspora

They are rather pared down, but I’m doing that because burnout is threatening, and I want to extend myself some grace and flexibility. Even theoretically having those things within reach tends to be helpful, and may help me exceed the more modest goals.

Good luck to everyone with writing this month! :dizzy:


Second day of the month and things are looking good! I’ve wrote around 270 words today for chapter 5. I’ve also worked out how to do a cut in writing! I would like to write some more… but I think I’m out of writing juice today… because chapter 5 is proving difficult, not like chapter 3 levels difficult (need to finish that.) but it’s just being difficult for me today. (And since writing my story is proving tough, I just want to talk about it. Probably shouldn’t do that to potential readers, because spoilers is one thing I do not want to talk about to potential readers.)

But no matter: I’m writing and it feels good.


I 've had an idea for a while, and I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I actually want to do something with it or not, and after a long time contemplating I’ve decided to go for it. My goal is just to spend the first few months planning because I tend to be more of an off the cusp person which has resulted in some really good unplanned scenes, but I also never finish anything, and I think this is due to my lack of planning, so if like to spend the month thinking through my ideas before I get too far ahead of myself.

Question: About how detailed do you guys usually plan? I know having one is important, but there still needs to be some room for improv/off the cusp scenes/dialogue so what’s a good balance between the two?


Happy September to everyone! :beers:

I really feel great and energized! I am shuffling lots of ideas in my mind. Probably one of those will become my next project. :dizzy:

As always, keep writing everyone and never stop, no matter what!


This is different for everyone I’m sure, but for me, I need to have (at the very least) my ending planned in advance. I can always decide to include new ideas along the way, but I definitely want to know my final destination, so that I can decide whether an impromptu idea would actually help the story get where it needs to go.

For my current project, I have a fairly detailed outline. But I still jot down in my notes whatever new ideas come to mind, so I can decide later what would be possible or worthwhile to weave any of them in.


After submitting my last game to HG in mid-june (and edits in mid-July), i know i’ve got probably 4 more months minimum until it’s actually published. And that’s just how things work and I know they have to do a lot of work on their end, but it’s kind of got me mulling over what I want to do next. I wrote about 60k words on something I ended up not liking very much and ended up shelving it. I’m looking forward to my next choicescript project but while my current one is still in publishing i don’t really want to start something new in case i need to do more edits or something. Decided to try learning another medium instead (ren’py) for the month and my goal is to publish something short by month’s end.


Had some setbacks (minor injuries :upside_down_face:) last month that prevented me from writing for about a week. Despite that I’m reasonably happy with the progress I’ve made.

I’m almost halfway done with the rough draft of the new branch I’ve been working on. So far it’s about 7,000 words and I expect it to be at least twice that once it’s completed.

This month I’d ideally like to finish that branch, or at least get it out to betas by the end of the month. We’ll see how it goes :crossed_fingers:

Hope you’re all doing ok, and being kind to yourselves :heartpulse:


The last three years or so have been really rough writing-wise. I’ve written full books in a month several times in the past but lately I just…couldn’t…seem…to…get…words…on…the…page.

Part of it is that I want to be a better writer, and that thought sometimes lets me get too scared to write anything much. Crappy first drafts are the best.

But! I finally finished the extra chapters for a HG I’ve had “nearly finished” since two years ago (it’s ALMOST in the HG queue but I reckon the final chapter needs a lot of editing first) and I’ve written half of a story that I plan to enter in the IF Comp later this month. It’s been quite easy (comparatively!), in part because it’s such a sweet game (about breeding cats) and partly because my head is just working better at the moment.

I won’t officially declare my mojo fully restored, but I can definitely still have good writing days. Hope you all have some good writing days this month too.


Happy September everyone!

I’ve had an idea for a while, and after a recent change in direction to better include story elements which I enjoy writing and reading, I finally feel like it’s finally recaptured my interest!
As for goals for the month, I’m aiming to have the rough plan for the new story that I have in my head down on paper and fleshed out a little, and an outline written to post in the interest check thread.

Good luck to you all with your writing this month! :two_hearts:


Since today is Father’s Day in Australia, and because my Dad wanted to, I let him read my story. And he really likes it! After he finished reading it, he wanted me to keep writing some more!


Abandoned some projects. Won’t have time to do the IF Comp or a TTRPG jam. Put together a short story, though, which is nice!


That 2021-11-01 project is gonna be a killer. 10,000 words, pretty crunchy and technical. I’ve got to wait for some feedback before I start making serious headway, however.


I updated my game several weeks ago and have yet to receive any sort of feedback. I guess no response is also a response, but I’m kind of in a rut. I don’t quite know if/where I went wrong in the last chapter without any sort of feedback at all. I’m not sure where to turn to next.


Maybe just keep going with your original plain for your game?


You and me both, buddy. You and me both.

I’d offer to give some feedback, but unfortunately I don’t have much time right now. Anyway, good luck with your project!


I could share your demo link with my community if you’d like?
I’m sure there are some people over on tumblr who would provide you feedback


Well, it only took about a week or so, but I think I’ve achieved my goal now… for the most part. Such is a writer’s life, I guess.

I just want to apologize if I haven’t been a force of positivity in this thread, so I want to have my last post here end on an encouraging note before I go into hiatus once again.


Wait for me until I return!


I forgot to make a post here to start the month, and then I couldn’t be bothered, and then I wondered if I should start announcing solely my victories on the occasions when they decide to turn up, and then I got bored of doing other stuff. Here I am.

I’m back at school till June, which means I’ll have a lot less free time to laze around, and consequently will actually probably write more than during my breaks (when I’m not studying, that is). My plan for the next two months is to complete both a simpler timeline of possible events for my WiP, and a more detailed code skeleton for it, on trusty old Looks like a virus, hopefully isn’t, because I adore it.

Good luck to everyone :white_flower:

EDIT: Wow. My most-clicked link, of all things, is diagrams dot net. Incredible.


Dw. I know the frustrating feel. I will make time to look at and provide feedback for you when I get the chance! :slight_smile:

Ofc, I don’t mind a lick, thank you :slight_smile:


Consider it done!

As for personal September goals, still plucking away at the fraying harp that is chapter 2, I will get it done.

But I’m putting pros writing aside for the moment and focusing more on structure and choice design. I’ve been binging GDC talks on narrative branching (highly recommend, by the way), and finally, FINALLY, decided on a planning program to stick with.

Highly recommend Arcweave for folks in a similar boat. A free tier is available to try out their system and get a feel for the benefits of flowchart planning.

Anywho, goal for the month is systems based.

  • Sort out a definitive list of tracking variables.
  • Trim out unnecessary systems.
  • Get Chapter 2 closer to release, or at least get the second half to my beta readers to pick over.
  • Hit somewhere in the region of 30,000 words

Good luck everyone!