Separate requirement coding all over the place. Help

Alright, I’m going a little crazy right now.

I wanted to add some additional requirement for an option:

   *hide_reuse *selectable_if (sel <=25) or ((self <=40) and (lyn >=25)) #Actually... "What's wrong?"
      *set worriedforlyn true
      *set lyn +25
      *goto lyn_worry

originally it was only the ‘(sel <=25)’ requirement. Then I wanted to add ‘((self <=40) and (lyn >=25))’ to have the choice selectable if someone has either a the first one OR both of the latter.

But QT gives me an error.

But here it gets weird:
Further down I have this:

*if (gun >=40) or ((gun =35) and (tac >=70))

for a bit of flavortext at a skillcheck. That formatting works without problem. BUT

In a later chapter I tried doing the same in multireplace and had to do this:

@{(((tell_lynbright)) or ((ch4path >=3) and (ch4path <=5))) boardwalks. "I feel kinda sorry 'bout that." You rub| boardwalks rubbing}

Now, with MR it’s likely due to there having to be an extra set of parenthesis, but… neither approach works on the choice that’s now giving me trouble.

What can I do, except make an additional choiceoption?

Try this?

@{((tell_lynbright) or ((ch4path >=3) and (ch4path <=5)))
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No, the multireplace is working. (I dunno if it should, but it does)

it’s the choice that isn’t.
(the other two are for comparison as they DO work)

Oh apologies, I misread!

How about this?

*selectable_if ((sel <=25) or ((self <=40) and (lyn >=25)))

I haven’t seen *hide_reuse and *selectable_if used inline like it is in the first post, it may be worth double checking that also?


Oh yeah about that, I noticed a while back that “or” & “and” doesn’t work in choices.

that actually worked. thanks :smiley:

It worked just fine. was just a matter of parenthesis


Yeah you’re right, turns out I was just missing an extra “( )” at the start and end.

  *selectable_if (title_1="on") or (title_2="off") #Something
  *selectable_if ((title_1="on") or (title_2="off")) #Something

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