Seer [WIP] Chapter One Update

Hi! I’m currently working on an interactive fiction novel. This is something I’m doing for fun in my spare time so there is no set schedule to updates. This was put on hiatus about a year ago but I have resurrected it in an act of foul necromancy. Still no schedule, however.

Seer is an interactive urban fantasy novel set in an alternative modern day. A blight is consuming the world, leaving destruction in it’s wake. Made only worse by the mysterious and violent creatures that emerge from it.
Amidst it all is you, an ordinary person thrust into a world of immortals, magic and action as you discover the secrets of your past life.


  • Play as Male, Female or Non-Binary.
  • Customise your appearance.
  • Lose your job.

Currently 6532 and contains the prologue and chapter one. If you spot any errors, spelling or grammar mistakes feel free to let me know.


Sybil(M) - A determined and loyal man whose calm disposition masks a thoughtful and sentimental heart.

Theophilia(F) - An energetic and athletic woman whose lust for life is rivalled only by her own sense of adventure.

Cassandra(F) - A workaholic even on her bad days, she works tirelessly to prevent history from repeating itself.

Dimitri(M) - The right hand of Cassandra, he’s loyal and a little naïve. Finding his feet after discovering his extraordinary origins.

Play the demo here!


Bare bones Seer Tumblr Here
Main Tumblr with other WIP projects here


Need tell us a bit of what it about


Hi ^^ I reused the initial description that was for the prologue and expanded it a bit, but I suppose it wasn’t clearly defined before my edits.

@blublueblu i remeber it from before and im glad for its return and im looking forward to seeing what comes in the future. :smiley:


Loved the Demo, can’t wait to read more :heart:

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I love this and I hope to see more of this :grin:

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Ooohhh, I’m definitely all in for this story! Love supernatural, angst, mystery, and romance so this game has it all for me! I cannot wait for more, and I wish you luck on your writing journey!


Interesting wip. I’m watching this one

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