Searching for a game in development (Squad Control / WW2 / CYOA)

Hi everyone,

a while back I stumpled upon a game that is currently in development.
It is not a Choice of Games - Game but still a CYOA game and its text based. It has its own website and as far as I remember also a steam page.
The Game is about leading your own squad (US-Soldiers) in the 2nd WW with all the decisions and outcomes / effects that entails. The dev(s) work closely together with veterans and the game looked very interesting.

Unfortunately I recently updated from Win 7 to Win 10 (clean install) and ofc I forgot to backup my bookmarks. :unamused: So any idea would be greatly appreciated!

I know it is not to go on, but the market for these types of game is rather small, so I hope some of you know the name of the game! Cheers!

Burden of Command?

Honestly I’m kinda sure this is the same project that the author of Guns of Infinity series has been working on as well.

I think you’re talking about Burden of Command.

It’s not text based per-se, but text events are a big part of the game, and its two main writers are our very own @Cataphrak and @AllenGies.


YES! That was it! Thank you both so much! Now its back in my bookmarks :slight_smile:
And Guns of Infinity lead me to Burden of Command.

Now we only have to wait for it to be released.

Thanks again!