Scarlet Sorceress - Making an otome CSG (WIP) - 80k words (updated 28Jun)

Thanks. Hope you enjoyed it.

You get one action per day. The morning and evening sections will display a random bit of flavor text from a pool of options. The afternoon section is what you get to control.

Might still keep this. :sweat_smile: It forces people to budget their time. But maybe a way to preview what’s on sale could help.

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Ooh an otome VN! Very interesting, at first glance i thought it would be reminiscent of those villainess manhwa, though i do like the direction you chose!
Will keep in touch with this project for sure

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:rofl: :rofl: You bumped the thread! :rofl: :rofl:

The plan was for me to get the next update for Scarlet Sorceress in next week, before the thread auto-locks. But now that you’ve posted there, this deadline has been pushed back by another two months. :rofl:

Anyways, I’m still working on the update, although I’m burning some time helping another project right now. My plan is still to release the update next week, and I currently have another 10k words from the current draft.

I’ll try to impress you all next week! :sweat_smile:


Lmao oh no I’ve played myself :sob::rofl:

Also good to know! Take your time

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Anyways, since this thread has been bumped, I’ll just run through some of the changes in the next update:

  1. Word count should be increased by about 30k words.
  2. Difficulty levels will be implemented. This might not be properly balanced - but game balance will be done right at the end.
  3. The MC has the option to adjust her hairstyle after using the enchanted mirror - this is cosmetic and has no effect on stats.
  4. The optional Blessing of Inner Fire provides a flat stat bonus to the MC while eliminating stat bonuses from appearance. This is for players who want to change their appearance without worrying about stats.
  5. I’m planning to put some simple pictures in the game.

I’m trying to get this done by the end of next week.


Alright, update is up.

  • Word Count is now 80k.
  • Difficulty levels have been partially implemented. Hard and insanity difficulty modes are a TODO item. Story mode has been implemented for people who want a pure story-based experience.
  • Hairstyle options were added (this is cosmetic on all difficulty settings). The blessing of Inner Fire has been added.
  • You can now preview the stock at the jewelry store before spending a day to visit.
  • Pictures have been added.

This draft might still be pretty rough, so let me know your thoughts.

Also, how urgently do you want the next update? I’m weighing whether to do the next update first, or work on updating my released game first. Let me know. As of now, I’m leaning towards switching to work my released game for a short time.


Dam, that was a nice slice of blueberry pie. Can’t wait for more. It’s really getting along nicely.

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Sure thing! Actually, I’m switching work for now to write up a short content update for Dragon of Steelthorne, but I should be getting back to the next update right after this. Hopefully, we can uncover more secrets soon. :wink:

Edit: no guarantees as always, but I’m trying to cap the content update at two weeks, so hopefully, it doesn’t take me away from this project for too long.


Closed by author request

FYI, Chance has left a temporary goodbye message over here, as well as a request for feedback. Anyone who would miss Scarlet Sorceress, head over and let him know…