Scarlet Sails post-comp release discussion thread

The long weeks at sea dragged by as the scuttlebutt was whispered from captain to cabin boy… there’s going to be a post-comp release of SCARLET SAILS… it’s twice as long… there are new chapters… there are even more chances to stab, shoot, or magically murder people that annoy you…

It turns out that (just this once) the rumours are true.

Pull up a hammock and tell me what you love and hate. If I’m going to rule the waves, I need to know it all.

If you like pirate stuff, you’ll love the facebook page -

So far it’s loaded up with badass pirate lore, some mighty pirate anthems, and a strange and beautiful (and true) love story that happens to be my own.


Downloaded it tonight. Maybe this time I won’t be eaten by a mermaid.

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There are, of course, plenty of options.

I did like it, I died a few times to mermaids haha but it was pretty good I really liked the description used for what happens when you die via mermaid and overall it was well written. The only problem was it was waay to short and I was really hoping it went on for longer and it finished as I was really getting into it. I was also a fan of how easy it was to die it makes your decisions mean more, at least I think so. The pirate theme is probably my favourite and you did well setting the scene although there was one line of dialogue that you could choose where the lingo was kind of lost on me but that’s no bother. Keep up the good work I really enjoyed it, I think I might have to try my hand at writing an adventure, I’ll have to recruit some help though haha.

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Not sure what happened. One moment I’m able to throw off the mermaid with my Feelmagic… in the next I’m dead. And I made sure to pump my magic…apparently to no avail.

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Okay so…I’ve been trying to buy this game for the whole afternoon ugh while dying of flu and I’m reallly realy annoyed bc the link to the chrome web store purchase works…BUT I need to channge my location in my store profile because for some reason it always resets to ‘worldwide’. So I change it and insert ‘scarlet sails’ into search and it is JUST NOT THERE. Of course, if I click the link again I can’t purchase because my location is back to ‘worldwide’.

If I’m just being horribly clueless about things, my deepest apologies in advance. I just wanna play v.v

@Rebelmaiden that sucks! I’ll see if I can find a solution somewhere. May I ask what part of the world you’re in?

My four year old has been admiring the cover and has decided she needs to send a message to “everyone” about my book (she has only the haziest idea of the contents). Here goes:

Dear every single people,
Mummy’s writing a pirate story and pirates can’t swim. And they have a pirate ship. And they have pirate costumes. They take a bit of somebody else’s things without asking.
And mermaids can swim. And they don’t get cold in the water. And… I don’t know what happens next. I need to think.
I know! And… I forgot again.
And mermaids don’t have hats. And pirates do have hats. And pirates have swords. And they have vests.
The End.

This message has been brought to you by Gratuitous Cuteness. Her love of pirates and mermaids was certainly a factor when I was designing the plot.


@dancingcups You needs a combination of stats at the final battle; usually one “combat” skill and one other skill.

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Croatia! So I have to manually change my location to random other places hahah.

(Also your kid is adorable. :3 I have a 2 year old, myself hehh. :3)

Hmm. I just went and bought it, and it asked me to input country (and credit card etc) on a new screen AFTER saying I wanted to buy it (although this is the first time I’ve bought anything on Chrome). I was logged in to my gmail account at the time.

I also used the google browser, in case that helped.

I also left a review (5 stars, naturally) which might help it to be visible.

Let me know if it’s still being annoying.

Nope, still can’t find it searching the store and can’t buy it via direct link. :frowning: I also cant see the new rating via the direct link? I am also logged into my gmail and using google chrome browser.

I think there was an issue like this with Chrome Web Store search back when Mecha Ace was released…I think someone from CoG fixed it or had it fixed? I’m not sure but I remember I got the game a bit later becasue of it. xD

That’s really weird. I can find it (although strangely I can only see a 4*review not Felicity’s one). Can you set your random country for Australia? Also although I can find it via my phone, it seems to want me to buy it on my desktop only. Home that helps.

Ah, I see. On Chrome, reviews with comments (even if they have stars) go under “reviews” but don’t show on the star rating at the top. That only shows the ratings of people who left stars without comments.

I’ll email the support people about the issue.

When I search for it (even via choiceofgames) it doesn’t show. So, weird. (Jacic and I are both Australian, and I can see the 4-star review too.)

What is it about this year and killer mermaids? “dissolves and has face eaten”

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And there are more pirates on the way! Choice of Pirates is coming out soon (and having beta tested it, I can certainly recommend it!)

It seems getting one’s face eaten is something all pirates need to experience in their life journey.


It works now! Have just bought it and am off to play. :smiley: Thanks! :3

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