Saturday Morning Villain (WiP)

This has been a total blast to read — love the wacky humor and action!


  • Currently, it seems like the demo ends after Chapter 4. I remember being able to play further before, so I’m not sure if that’s intentional?
  • If you chose to ignore Matchless Man at the bank, the game briefly acts like you’ve killed him.

Re: What do you want to see in a game like this?

  • Funny achievements!
  • I think it’d be cool to have a bit more variation around our vehicle choice. It mostly feels like a name swap right now, and I think it would be neat if the drills/camouflage/etc. were relevant in a small way or called-back-to in future chapters.
  • I’ve been greatly enjoying all the options to tell the narrator that now is an inconvenient time to discuss your sexuality. I think it would be very funny if you could do this indefinitely and end the game with your sexuality still set as unknown.
  • I have a soft spot for anti-villains, so I’d love to play as a character who is so incompetent and/or nice about going after their nefarious ambitions they’re not (as) much of a villain at all. (The option to be nice to Whitney is perfect.) Though if that’s not in the cards I’m also happy to play a more classic full-on villain.
  • You can’t have enough monologuing.

I think I may have ended up posting a few chapters too many originally haha. I do have to have some surprises left, after all. Also, I just now realized my mistake on ignoring Matchless Man: I sent players to the *label matchlessmankilled as opposed to *label matchlessmanspared. D’oh!

I think the idea of having sexuality be “unknown” by the end of the game is absolutely hilarious, especially if the narrator keeps getting progressively more frustrated each time it happens. The option for an anti-villain also sounds pretty fun too. I may have to play with that a little bit.

And as for monologues, well, they speak for themselves.


Well, folks, I have gone back through the first four chapters and have added a few of the things people suggested. Smartica is now available to romance. Strangely enough, on this rewrite I made her much nicer, even when you’re treating your henchmen like hell. I’ve also added a few things here and there and have tidied up an embarrassing amount of spelling errors. Since I tend to write long sentences, I also tried to tidy those up to. Hopefully the game should be in much better shape by the time the editors begin looking through it!

If you have any thoughts about the new material, feel free to share!


There’s a typo in the very first sentence. There needs to be an “at” or “of” after “robbery.”

Hi hi! After some work from @bgc and the team, we have retitled the game and finished the artwork! Now you can add Top Villain: Total Domination to your wishlist on Steam! It really helps us, even if you plan to buy it on another platform.


Will there be a stat explanation guide?
Also enjoyed the demo :ok_hand: :heart_eyes:.
Can’t wait for Friday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Congrats on the release! Links and discussion thread are below!