Running the server on iOS

I’m pretty sure the answer to this is no, but…

Is there any way to run the Choice Script server on an iOS machine?

I’m going to be cut off from my Mac for the next few weeks and I don’t have a laptop. I’d love to be able to keep developing on my iPad.

Sorry for my ignorance. But by server you mean an offline server running in a virtual machine?

In a way that you Ipad browser access as if it was connected to an ip address from outside?

Yes, that’s right - on the iPad and only accessible from the iPad. The equivalent of running run-server.bat or serve.command on your local machine.

If you have the knowledge and the time, I suggest you to look for a Raspberry Pi mobile server. It can be powered by the USB-C port of an iPad Pro, and allows all sorts of goodness for developers.
Tech Craft ( @tech_craft on YouTube) has a complete tutorial on the why and how of a Raspberry Pi server for iPad.

Raspberry Pi for iPad

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Thanks. I’ll check it out.