Rosewood - Supernatural WIP / Idea

Hi, my name is Raven St Clair.

I’m brand new to writing and to choices script but I’m going out on a whim and sharing my WIP.
I came up with the idea for a supernatural themed book series in 2016 to basically, fulfil my wishes as a fan of all things supernatural and related.
I personally am a huge fan of tropes and ‘certain’ stereotypes, but others I could do with out and I wanted to write a story that I would enjoy reading and enjoy fully.

It began in 2016, I was assigned to create an original character for a short story. I created Elliot Hemlock, a remorseful vampire who was descended from ‘The Original Vampire’ and was turned by a member of The Vampiric Royal Family.

It wasn’t long after that, that the idea to run with this came and I changed Elliot into Elithea Hemlock, the basics were still there but now the idea for a supernatural government and a group of friends came with her too.

I was originally going to work on this series as a word document and only I would be the reader, until romance came into the plot. Now I hate when supernatural or ‘adventure’ fictions turn the romance into the main plot and it overtakes the rest of it, I certainly didn’t want to do that, but I also did want my little conflicted vampire to find someone to love and I still wanted a natural (sometimes slow burn) romance to be one of the sub plots…then along came her 4 friends…that I couldn’t choose between

Now I’m also a HUGE fan of Interactive Fictions, Visual Novels, Dating Sims and Otome games in general and thought, hey, why not combine my loves and just go ahead and make a mix between a set book and a choice/otome game.

I say a mix because I love my Elithea and everything about her as my main character so she would be set in gender, age, appearance and backstory (although there will hopefully be options to choose how Elithea will react to the LI’s and events and how she grows as a character) and all my other characters and the main story lines will also be set BUT you will be able to choose which LI you will pursue as each LI’s story line has the same main plot but unique parts and scenes to them.

I’m currently still early in the planning stages and hope to get something proper up before the end of the year, if you are interested please follow my Tumblr at Raven-St-Clair for updates and behind the scenes etc.

I am fully away that I know nothing about creating stories or games and that people may not ever read my story, but it brings me joy to create and I truly just want to create something I will enjoy and that others may.

Thank you very much for your time and feel free to live comments and suggestions below.

P.S. in 2017 I titled my series The Rosewood Chronicles after the fictional town it is set in and it hopefully having multiple additions BUT in Jan of this year I came across one of the best games I have ever read, The Wayhaven Chronicles, which is also a supernatural based game with a government and heavily themed with the police and law, which is very similar to my game. Now I want to say that no-one took anything from anyone, I only learnt about her game after the basics of mine were chosen and I’m sure she has never heard of mine but I’m just not sure I want to title my game very similar to hers in case people think that is the case. I have sent Sera a message about this but for now Rosewood is the place holder title.

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Sounds like it could be very interesting. One thing I might suggest is that sometimes people are put off by a genderlocked character, so maybe you could consider giving the player the option to play as Elithea or Elliot.

Obviously it’s up to you if you’d prefer to keep the protagonist genderlocked. Personally, I’m quite happy to play genderlocked characters, (and I’d pick Elithea anyway, since I prefer playing female characters). I only suggest this because you originally wrote the MC as male, so you already have a male protagonist to work with. :yum:


Hi, thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: I actually will look into giving the option to play as Elithea or Elliot, the only reason I decided to change Elliot into Elithea was because he was coming off as a mean, disliked guy in the gang while the female version, for some reason, was coming across as a sarcastic, bad-ass but loveable character.

I really want to give some choices to the player so they can decide how E will go along with character development throughout the stories, if they will stay sarcastic and cold or grow to be more open and friendly.

I am completely lost with ‘coding’ and really finishing up my plans at the moment but I hope to get there in the end, again thank you, I really was anticipating no one to notice this :slight_smile: - R


I’m also not extremely comfortable writing male points of views as I am not a male but I will definitely keep it an option to look into. - R

It sounds interesting. I agree with a very about letting the readers pick a male or female M.C. I myself will be looking forward to reading this wether or not the M. C. Is gender locked or not. I wish you well on your writing endeavor.

I always love a good story about vampires!

To open yourself up to the biggest audience, I would make it not gender-locked and also have an option to name your MC. Besides that, it sounds 10/10 :ok_hand:

(Also, the fact that 2 vampire stories are being called “[Blank] Chronicles” for some reason entertains me.)

Good idea so far! I am for sure going to keep up with this WIP.


If this worries you consider seeing if you can find a male writer to help you with that.

I felt a bit worried about the female version of the protagonist in my own game so I made a topic and a very nice member of the forum came and started helping me tweak the female path. Unfortunately she had to drop out after the first episode due to business conflicts but I had enough of her suggestions and changes that helped me complete the rest of the tweaks.

And UnNatural has been out for about 2 years no and no-one has complaiend about the female protagonist yet :slight_smile: so it certainly helps.

ps: it also helps that the CoGgers on the forum are always very helpful too :slight_smile:


Thank you to everyone for their suggestions and comments :smile:

Im not quite sure if this is how you do a group reply post but ehh I’ll give it a go :+1:

@Checkmate - Thank you! I’m like 95% sure that I will give the option to play as either Elithea or Elliot, It just means I’ll have to write out and change dialogue and scenes (Not that I have full scenes written anyway, just loose plans and bits and pieces) depending on the MC’s gender and the gender of their LI’s…which will be a lot of work :sweat_smile:

@llancellot - A good supernatural story is literally my kryptonite, I cant tell you how many I have read…well I could but it would be an embarrassingly high number. I most-likely will keep the names locked, as Elithea (and Elliot) Hemlock have a quite special, personal meaning to me.
I’m still debating the name, I really like the name ‘The Rosewood Chronicles’ but I also really like ‘Palo de Rosa’ which means Rosewood in Spanish,
Ill talk about this more in a future post but Hispanic/Latino culture plays a large part in my Mythology :wink:

@Nocturnal_Stillness - Thank you, that’s a really good idea and I actually know of a few male writers in my Tumblr circle who may be able to help :slight_smile:

Thank you again to everyone who replied, you are all giving me inspiration and motivation to get into writing, again feel free to follow my Tumblr at raven-st-clair as I hope to be posting weekly updates and behind the scenes content - R


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