Romance , changing stats location

Hello Im fairly new with this program,coding in general , watching tutorials and reading has helps as lot but there is something on my mind i just can’t figure out.

It has to do with romance, i want that in my game but unsure on how to code it in correctly , like let’s say you need a certain percentage and then romance can begin , is there anyway to change the code from being a friendship stat to a relationship stat ???

So the first thing you need to do is add a variable to track relationship status(lover/friend)

*create alexa 0
*create alexa_rom false
  *selectable_if(alexa >= 80) #Start a relationship with Alexa
    *set alexa_rom true

Now you can also scale down the alexa variable so as to use it to track romance relationship status.

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And i assume i have to make another stat chart in the choiceScript txt to make the command work ?
in Startup i already have the friend status numbers etc. just how do i make the command work. and set it to False ?. all this is new to me.

In choicescript_stats.txt, you can add a check to state the status of the relationship like

*if alexa_rom = true
  Alexa, your childhood friend, you are currently dating her
*if alexa_rom = false
  Alexa, your childhood friend
  percent Alexa

You will be using 2 variables, one tracks the relationship percentage other will track whether you are in a relationship with them or not.


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