Restoring purchases and email

Hello. I use the same email for loging into this forum when trying to restore purchase on the games. However it is saying it is not recognised? When loading saves in games however it always works fine? Its only ever on the restore purchases it doesn’t work. Even if i click forgot password it says my email adress is not recognised? Making using the the choice of games app hard since all the games have to be purchased again or restored via account. Any help would be appreciated.

What platform are you using? In my case, I am using Playstore but I have a different emal for my saves and the ones I use in the Playstore. I am sure you need to used the email you use in the platform you bought the game from, not the one used for saves.

Otherwise, it would help if you email the CoG support so they could help you specifically.

I’m using IOS. And with regards to my email, its the only one I have ever had. So everything should be fine. Even though its not :sweat_smile:

Wait wait wait.

Just to be clear:
You’re trying to restore purchases in the CoG Webstore for games you bought on iOS?

Yes. Through the new app choiceofgames released. Was going to buy the new silverworld game (but the discount isn’t working) so I clicked on some of the other games I own and it said pay x amount, play for free or restore purchases. Went to restore and its saying the email is not recognised.

You can’t buy a previously bought game at the moment. But they are working on it =)


Oh, that doesn’t have a way of transferring purchases yet. Sorry.

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Ok. Thanks for your replies :slightly_smiling_face:

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Transfer the purchase, not buy a previously bought game :"

Is it working then if you bought the game in the CoG app and then try to restore purchase?

Nah na. I just wanted to avoid misunderstanding.

You can’t restore your purchase into the omnibus (at the moment), but you can definitely buy the game both on the omnibus and the old, individual app, effectively making you pay twice.

  1. A forum account is not the same thing as a account. Visit to create a account.

  2. Only Steam (and GPS on newer games) automatically transfer to the website.

  3. If you want access to an app (or in-app) purchase on the website email support AT choiceofgames DOT com and include a copy of your receipt.

  4. No purchase transfers into the Omnibus app right now. Please, please be patient, we are working on it.


So how are my save games associated with that email but my purchases are not? If it was just a forum email I wouldn’t be able to save and access saves correct? But I can. Very strange :thinking:

I’m not too worried about using the new app to make new purchases. But i dont want you to stop releasing updates for the individual apps and just update your new omnibus app. Because if that happens i wont be able to access games I have already paid for. And with this thing with the email. I’m going to end up loosing money on in app purchases like extra chapters/content if it all goes to the omnibus app. Its easy to say get proof of purchases. But i have been downloading these games since you released choice of the dragon :sweat_smile:

The save game system and whatever email you use to save games to do not really connect up in any way. You could use a made up but like, electronically valid email address as a save game email, and as long as you type in the password associated with it correctly, it will load a saved game.

You enter for a save game, it’s saved in our save game server under that.

You go to our Discourse and use the same email address because…well, most people just use one or two email addresses. This forum is just like…signing up for FB or anything with an email address. It has nothing to do with saved games.

But will not associate with any purchases unless you go to and create an account with

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We are working on the omnibus app being able to transfer in old purchases. We don’t have the functionality yet. No one here expects customers to pay for iOS apps twice.

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Ok. Thanks for all the information you have provided. I know I have come across as being a bit negative. But I do really hope this app works out well for you. It’s a great idea and means I won’t have a hundred apps to scroll through to find my games. Are you planning on doing one similar for hosted games or will they be incorporated into this app at some point?

There is a Hosted Games Omnibus, we released it first, before the COG omnibus.

We didn’t plan to do this (at least on this timeline), we were forced to create this app by Apple, who decided we could no longer release standalone games on their platform.


So in the omnibus faq, it says,

If I purchase a game on, can I play it in the omnibus?

Yes. Open the game in the omnibus, tap the Upgrade button, then tap the “restore purchases” link. You’ll need to sign in with your Apple ID and then sign in with your email address and password to use your purchase in the omnibus.

I learned a while ago that CoG unlocks games in choiceofgames website if you show proofs of purchases from Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Stream etc. So if I send screenshots of Apple receipts to choiceofgames support email and ask you guys to unlock games on cog website, I would be able to restore games with my cog account in omnibus app? I have some receipts lost unfortunately(I might have deleted them when I mass deleted spam emails) :slightly_frowning_face: but I want to save my game purchases before I accidently delete the rest of the receipts again.