[Resolved] How to set genders that change with sexual preference?


Hello all, I guess we’ve all seen how in Choice of Romance, the characters you interact with all change genders based on sexual preference, and I think that’s the best kind of romanceable character to have, rather than having someone choose the gender of the person they’ll interact with (like in The Lost Heir of Daria) or to have gender-locked characters from the start.
I imagine the code has to do with displaying certain variables, like ${} and certain *create functions, but I don’t know how I can actually achieve what Choice of Romance did. Does anyone know how to mimic that function? It would be a huge help.

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you can set something like

*if gender =‘male’
*set npcGender = ‘male’
*set npc2Gender =‘female’
*elseif gender =‘female’
*set npcGender = ‘female’
*set npc2Gender =‘male’

I think this works
okay i have no idea how to put indents here


Do like that, plus set the npcs’ gender in the same spot.


Ah, alright, thank you!