Reset achievements and hide tab


I’m extremely new here, trying to figure out the script and write a game.

So far I’ve had no issues and everything seems to be descriptive enough for my right brain to figure out.

There are two things I can’t figure out though.

I am working on a debug menu to help me test things as I go, and I need to add a reset achievements choice or button so I don’t have to restart all the time. Is this possible to do easily?

Secondly, I’ve gathered that a lot of people don’t like achievements, so I want to turn them on/off. I’ve done this via a simple “*if achievements 1” deal, however this just prevents achievements from being rewarded, but they’re still added via the startup, leaving the achievements tab visible throughout the game. Is it possible to hide it? Or somehow add the achievements themselves via an “*if achievements 1” or in another scene that could be skipped with “*if achievements 0”.


I don’t think its possible

Same for this one too, I am afraid

Now for this there can be a solution
You can add a variable like *create achievementsoff false
and set its value in a choice and then you can use it in a check to award or not award achievements as per preference

*if achievementsoff = false
  *achieve crown1

here it won’t award achievements if its disabled as per preference.

Thanks for the reply!

Well on a positive note, this means it wasn’t me sucking, it’s just not possible.

I have some more ideas I’m gonna try out though.

Thing is I want to treat achievements as riddles of sorts, and if you figure them out, you can achieve them. This means they can’t be hidden achievements. So I’m going to have to figure out a way to make them at least hidden on the achievements page when they’re turned off.

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