Reopened Notepad++ to find NUL everywhere - please help?

My computer was freezing, so I had to manually shut it down. Notepad++ was open at the time, with all of my scenes open. I’d saved my progress already, so I didn’t think there would be an issue.

But then after I restarted and opened the browser again… this shows up:

I do have a backup saved, but it would set me back about 5-10k words, which would seriously depress me. It’s worth mentioning that the number of characters at the bottom (47513 on that pic) is the correct amount - so I’m nursing some hope the stuff is still there, just messed up? Has anyone run into this before and been able to salvage their work?

Also, this is saved on dropbox, if it’s of any effect.

Does dropbox have a backup of the files?

From what I’ve been reading the nul error itself isn’t fixable, but the msot recent question about it I found was from 2011.

Man, I feel sheepish. I forgot I have Ditto’s clipboard manager - I’ve managed to piece together most of the stuff I lost.

Thanks for the quick response though. I bet Dropbox probably has a backup too, now that I think of it. I just panicked when I saw all those NULS.

Still curious why that happened. It scared me!

I think it’s a bug in notepad++ since some other people have experienced it if their computers crashed while notepad++ was open. That sounds horrifying, I’d have freaked out majorly if it happened to me.

Luckily for you @kakistocracy Dropbox has an incredibly useful backup database that saves every time that you make an edit. I know that because I practically had a heart attack when I deleted my entire game file and had to go looking for something like that. Just hover over the file, right click, and select “view previous versions” it’ll open up a browser window and you should have a whole log of all the times you edited the file.

Yeah, I was admittedly going nuts for all of a few minutes, haha.

Thanks, good to know if my stuff ever disappears again! That’s one life-saving feature.

@kakistocracy I’ve said it one and I’ll say it again: “HALLELUJAH FOR DROPBOX!!!”