Remnant: Twenty One (WIP) [April Announcement 4/11/2024] [Word Count: 225,948 Words!]

February Announcement

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to update you all that I created a companion piece for Remnant: Twenty-One called Before the Incident. I am by no means abandoning Remnant: Twenty-One after all, I’m already 200k+ words into it, but the issue is that it has been depressing to write. It’s a bit rough to write the same MC having a mental breakdown in two out of the four current routes. And it gets even worse from here for the MC, so I needed a break to recharge by writing something a little bit more light-hearted. AKA a world that isn’t an apocalyptic mess :sweat_smile:

Anyway, Before the Incident follows a new protagonist around 1.5 years before the current MC of Remnant: 21 comes in. I’d love to hear if you spotted the references from this story in my new WIP. Thank you again for supporting my work! Link is below:

Link to Before the Incident : Before the Incident [WIP] [Superpower, Supernatural, Action]