Relics of the Lost Age (WIP) - Submitted, demo removed

Thanks, glad you like it, and thanks for spotting the typo. I only ever played Uncharted 2, but I really liked it, and that was an inspiration, especially with the Shambala stuff.

I’m going to revisit the surname after I’ve finished Chapter 3. I locked it originally because I wanted to call the project “Dr. Spillane and the Relics of the Lost Age”, because that would sound more like the title of an Indiana Jones film (e.g. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom). But it turns out that there’s a 30 character limit to project titles, so I won’t be able to call it that. So I guess there’s actually no reason now to lock the surname, so maybe I’ll go back and unlock it!


Found this in the code, when trying to figure out why that option seemed to give me negative relation:

#"You're right. We can't let the Nazis beat us. We have to press on."
                        *set zhurel 5+ 20
                        *set Adventurous %+ 10
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Oh Lordy, thanks so much! It’s hard enough to get Zhu to like you, you don’t need mis-typed code making it even harder! I’ve uploaded a fix, thanks again.

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Played the game last night and it is so good!!! It is so much fun and always great to run around ruining the Nazi’s day! Excited for the third chapter and meeting the final RO.

Also who killed the deserter Nazis that give you food and medicine? I didn’t because even though they are Nazis after the food and medicine I would feel like a monster if I killed them…

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Thanks so much for reading, I’m really happy you’re enjoying it.

On the Nazis who give you medicine, you should be able to leave them alive. Did you get text that said they were dead after you chose to leave them alive? If so that’s an error, and I’ll look into it!

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No it all worked fine! :slight_smile: I was able to leave them alive. I was just wondering what other people had done regarding them.

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Oh I see! Sorry for the misunderstanding, and thanks again.

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Hi there I am playing the game but for some reason everytime I choose the gender it says "Non-Existent Variable: Honorific)

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Sorry, forgot to update my startup file with the last update. It should work now. Many apologies!


uh spoiler for chap 2

this is the most…im not sure what, it just…elicit such strong reaction from me. im still reeling. i’ll be thinking about this string of words for some time.

stevo…is the himbo i deserve!!! HE CALL ME PEACHES! P E A C H E S!!! he’s alive in the end so :hugs: im happy

well i talk to them nicely and then shoot them. my empathy is really decreased by the fact theyre nazis and they believe some races dont count as people. so i dont count them as people.

i chose the non lethal approach so i chose to knock the guards unconscious but when i first read this i thought i killed the guards with blunt force :flushed:

should be me

maybe you want to add *finish at the end of chapter 2? since there’s no chapter 3 yet, clicking next just result in endless loading

I also want to add playing as nb Dr. Spillane i imagine when people ask for their pronoun they just answer “Doctor. That’s Doctor for you. I didn’t go through my doctorate for nothing” even tho their professionalism is like, 12%


Thanks so much, good catches (I think the word “lifeless” was misjudged there). Corrected now!

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OK, progress update for those interested.

I’ve nearly finished alpha draft of Chapter 3 (I know, I know, but I’ve been off work for the last few weeks so I’ve been putting a LOT of time into this! Back at work real soon, so it’s going to slow down a lot in the near future!) I still need to finish it, write a short “Interlude” between chapters 3 and 4, and stick in a bunch of achievements (because why the hell not), and then I want a few days to playtest the shit out of it, because there’s a lot that could go wrong in Chapter 3. I estimate about a week till it’ll land on Dashingdon: I will announce it as it happens.

In the meantime, I’ve been tinkering with what’s already up there, catching typos, tightening bits of prose and implementing suggestions without big announcements. The major changes since my last update are that I’ve improved customization options for non-b honorific forms of address, and I’ve added bits to the conversations that you can have in camp with Esme and Abdul in Chapter 1, to make the nature of their relationship a bit clearer, as one or two of you asked for clarification on that.

Thanks again for your continuing feedback: it’s all been really helpful in making this thing better!


Big update just landed, mostly comprising Chapter 3, in which Our Intrepid Hero learns that you don’t need to travel the world to find adventure. Now at c. 140k, and just a little shy of half-way there. Details below.

Chapter 3: Devil Music

New Orleans, 1935. The Great Depression grinds endlessly on. Tensions are rising in segregated Louisiana, as an opportunistic political candidate ramps up the racist rhetoric. A thief hits the Louisiana State Museum and makes off with a valuable artefact from the history of the Voodoo religion, and the police seem suspiciously eager to pin the blame on a blues singer with an evil reputation. But Dr. Spillane doesn’t think he did it. Join them as they team up with their counterpart at the city’s black college to launch an investigation which will bring them face to face with otherworldly powers, violent prejudice, police corruption, and the dirty politics of the Dirty South. Will they be able to track down the missing artefact, outwit a deadly new enemy, and prevent a heinous miscarriage of justice? You decide!

Featuring the return of Sam, some vile new villains, and the introduction of your final RO, the spectacular Dr. Cleopatra Stone.

You can’t punch any Nazis this time. But you can feed a Klansman to an alligator , which I’m hoping will be an acceptable substitute.

Content Warnings

More violence, some bloody. More naughty swearwords. References to (but not depictions of) domestic abuse. Some more racially-insensitive comments, but clearly not endorsed by the MC, and the people who say them pretty much all die horribly, so that’s OK (!). Suffice it to say that this is the chapter where my earlier-discussed decision to “ethnicity-lock” the MC should start to make sense.

Huge thanks in advance for any comments, typos, code errors or suggestions: all will be gratefully received and seriously considered. Hope you have fun!


can we skip right over to the third chapter or is that not possible?

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There should be a save system in there. Did you have a save from near the end of Chapter 2?

no played it when there wasn’t an save system guess I have to replay everything agian oh well. At least they’re two great chapters.

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Aaah, sorry! Was just trying to think if there’s a way I could code in a “shortcut” to chapter 3, but it would be pretty difficult as there’d be a lot of stuff to set up at the start in terms of stats, customization and decisions. If I think of a viable solution I’ll let you know!

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OK, being the super-responsive author that I am, I’ve just come up with a solution for people in MasterChief117John’s position, i.e. people who don’t have a save near the end of Chapter 2. If that’s your position, here’s what you do:
Play through the prologue (just a few minutes) to establish customization and your primary stats. At the end of the prologue, you’ll be given the option to skip to Chapter 3. The game will then ask a couple of questions about events from Chapters 1 and 2, bump up your good stats to an appropriate level for Chapter 3, and take you right there. It’s much quicker than replaying chapters 1 and 2, but it does come at a cost. Specifically, all of your personality and relationship stats will essentially be neutral. It’s imprecise, but for those who need it it’s a quick route to the new content. Did a bit of testing on it and it seems to work. If you have probs with it, let me know.


Ah mon ami that is more then acceptable