Relics of the Lost Age (WIP) - Submitted, demo removed

Let me just say that I adore this, and I’m not even an Indiana Jones fan. You just seem to have a natural understanding of what makes a good choicescript game, IMO it’s very rare to find a WIP that’s so polished and professional.

Even the random button-mashing section felt fun :grin:, I stubbornly insisted on getting it done on my own (like, just hold your stinking horses, Sam, I’m on it!).

The second chapter was just as awesome, I mean, there was even extreme survival cannibalism. That’s delightfully horrifying.

Am I a monster for laughing at the “tastes like pork” line? :laughing: (If it makes me anything less of a monster, I found that while looking through the code, because I just couldn’t choose to confront the poor kid about it).

By the way, my father says human flesh tastes like beef.

I feel the same way, let’s be old maids together. :grin:

(Also for a moment I thought Sam would be a RO, and I was like must… not… fraternise… with student… so… inappropriate… Don’t stand so close to me!). :joy:

What got me about Abdul and Esme though was that they seemingly would be just fine with having you be their pretty sex doll but they have no love to spare for your sake. That just seems so unfair on my tenderhearted Dr. Spillane.

I actually went through the code to see if there was some way for Zhu to survive since it seemed so strange to kill off a RO so soon. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But no, Zhu’s dead, baby. I only wish he had a chopper.

Also, Zhu’s like, “noo, I can’t, I have to be faithful to the memory of [girl I never knew anything about because I didn’t ask him about his personal life, I suppose?]”. Funny how he only remembers that after slobbering all over your cleavage. (I assume that’s what he’s doing while he breaks down in a whiny “boo-hoo, I’m such a monster” mess).


Thanks so much, really glad you’re having a good time with it! And I’m not even going to ask how your dad knows the thing that he knows; some things are best left as mysteries!

They’re in a polyamorous relationship, meaning that either or both of them could love your MC in addition, because they believe that it’s possible to love more than one person at a time. But they’re also besotted with each other, and will never leave each other for someone else. So it can be more than just a pretty sex-doll arrangement (although I’m sure they’d be up for that as well!)

And on the Zhu comment about his lost love (who’s actually a man), you’ve made me remember that not every player will know Zhu’s backstory by that conversation, so I probably need to go back and vary the text depending on what the player knows at that point. Good catch, thanks!


Thanks for clarifying that! For some reason, I’d gotten the impression from talking to them that they weren’t open to being involved with the MC on an emotional level.

Ooh, interesting. :smirk: Such a shame he had to be a deranged madman, I’d have liked him as a RO otherwise :thinking: (and also, you know, he’s totes dead). (Although I was just about to give in anyway, since he cried and all. The hurt/comfort pull is strong :joy:).

As it is, though, I very much wished we could just stay with that jolly nazi sergeant. :laughing: He does make for better company.


Yes, I’m trying to make Zhu a deliberately divisive character, divisive between players who are appalled by him, players who think they can fix and redeem him, and players who are just into him because they enjoy romancing really nasty people!


So am I the only guy that has to put up with him because he is the only one to know the the lay of the land (after the git beat away our tibetian guides) and has to put up with him out of sheer nessecity?

because so far none of the options that I went through allowed me to keep the tibetian guides in exchange for Zhu.


Yeah, it’s basically set in stone that you’re stuck with him! But hey, on the bright side, he’s dead now, so that must mean he won’t be coming back. Right?..




Deal, but let’s be younger maids together first, all right? :wink: Even if some little brats think I’m old already… :angry:

To Spinster Hotel and Beyond! :laughing:

Edited to add:

Oh, missed this one again… Oh yes, quite so methinks.

/pokes with a stick/



My absolutely favorite moment (with the exception of the Esme romance :wink: ) was the struggle to save that aussie pilot in chapter 2. Seeing him through to the end alive was such an hard earned struggle and easily the best bit out of the whole chapter 2. By far. Forget finding Shamballa. Gritting your teeth and going through hell and back to ensure your friends survival in one of the worlds most inhosptiable places and managing to succeed was fucking awesome.


This chapter certainly made for a lively New Years gift. What a tense adventure! I have to agree with MasterChief’s comment. Going “Nope, Stevo’s gonna live” at every turn despite all the odds and him surviving was very satisfying indeed. I really hope we will see more of him in the future.

A few errors spotted:

Also this moment was hilarious. Seeing the three greyed out “something’s wrong” and going “food! :D!!!”. Amazing. Although, I think I should have had the suspicous option available. Or was mine not enough?

some more Chapter 1 stuffs

Not much to be said here, it’s still amazing. Just decided to tuck it in here it since the main focus right now is on chapter 2.

I’m not sure of anyone else had this problem, but saves weren’t working for me. Reloading the page didn’t help.

But I was more than happy to replay.

The mikveh scene strikes again. It should be “say”.

I can confirm the charisma check during the breastplate interrogation scene has been fixed. I didn’t question it the first time I played and managed to convince our interrogator pal with my astounding charisma of, uh, 2. This time around it earned me a good walloping :+1:


In regard to “they says”… should it be say? They in this usage is (I think?) the singular form. It looks wrong because (plural) they say, but I honestly don’t know. I’ll see if I can find grammar guidance on the subject.

Edit: Well, at least according to APA it’s the plural verb form, so you’re right!


Thanks so much again for this amazingly helpful feedback! Apologies about the save system: to get it to work, I have to remember to tinker with my “startup” file before uploading, and I forgot the last time I updated the new startup. It should work now. Other fixes and typos implemented. Glad you’re still enjoying it, and that not everybody hates Stevo!


well, thank god I was able to save Stevo :sweat: to bad about all the other guys with me 2 live in my ru. :sneezing_face:

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forgot to post these yesterday!

sam's pronouns

those are the ones that i noticed, hopefully it’s all of them

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Oh God, I thought I’d caught all of those. Thanks so much!

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OK, Sam pronouns corrected, and I’ve also added the chance to confront Sangpo about lying to you (at least if you have the linguist specialism), and I’ve varied the text of the conversation about Zhu’s backstory, depending on player knowledge. Happy New Year, everyone, and thanks for all your help!


This game reminds me of tomb Raider now-that I have a tomb Raider game.


Typo spotted. Initialize threat elimination program.

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Ah yes, I really liked the WiP! It’s cool, I could feel my character’s tension in regards to Stevo, the adrenaline of fighting Nazis and racing against them for the treasures. I can see the Indiana inspiration, but it also reminds me of the Uncharted game series.

Looking forward to meet the final RO and the third chapter of this exciting adventure!

(I read that the MC’s ethnicity will be important later on, but is his surname as well? This question may be weird but I like to create my character’s full name, but if it’s locked, no problem).

PS: English isn’t my first language, sorry.


Tomb Raider is definitely part of the inspiration, too. There’s definitely something Lara Crofty about Esme, the English aristocratic lady who becomes an adventurer.