Refining my runecraft - game development notes

So a while back I started work on a game called Daemonglass for NaNoWriMo which allowed players to use runecraft. The original concept is that a rune consisted of two halves which you put together when you wanted to use it, and the concept allowed for you to have a rune hidden within the rune which you could use by putting the two halves together differently.

However, over the years the concept has evolved and now runecraft consists of twelve sigils (one for each of the zodiacs) the enchanters draw two circles the initial runic circuit which has the sigils followed by a smaller circle inside the first called the ignition circuit.

The ignition circuit is what allows you to link the sigils together to cast magic. Now what I’ve been thinking of a lot lately is what each of the zodiac effects is for magic.

Here is what I’ve come up with so far.

  1. Aquarius = Range (adding this sigil increases the effective range of the spell)
  2. Aries = ???
  3. Cancer = Density (adding this sigil increases the density of the spell | mainly for protection spells)
  4. Capricorn = ???
  5. Gemini = Copy (adding this sigil allows you to duplicate the spell’s effects | i.e double casting
  6. Leo = ???
  7. Libra = balance (adding this sigil allows you balance the other sigils allowing you more control)
  8. Pisces = Counter
  9. Saggitarius = Accuracy (adding this sigil increases the accuracy of your spell)
  10. Scorpio = Pierce
  11. Taurus = Force
  12. Virgo = Recovery (adding this sigil results in a healing spell)

Currently, the spells use 2-5 sigils at any one time.

I am trying to nail down this concept in between my bouts on The Graveyard Watch.

I do enjoy trying to get a magic system to work within the confines of the story.


First happy forum anniversary! You make this forum better every day.

I am also using a rune system in my game. I prefer a more short list of runes you can combine five, one for each mage type and four, one for element.

Easier to implement and memorize, and my game is focused on a first-year study magician,

That and my rune spell are a secondary magic system exclusive to dwarves,

My advice is you put your runes in groups of elements. For instance, Air elements etc… That will be easy to access and to memorize.

Then any dark/light or live/dead to add a further positive or defensive buff. But, you are the writer, so take my advice with a grain of salt,

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The way I look at it. Where you draw your rune determines what element you use to fuel it and the sigils determine the spells properties.

So drawing the rune in the air using the sigils for cancer, Libra and Aquarius would result in a wall of air protecting you.

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Sound extremely complex but I am a rogue rp, lol. At least is not loom

It will be very complex. But should be interesting. For the moment I’m just trying to nail down what each sigil does in between writing my other game.

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My philosophy if your reader need to be more than ten minutes reading to understand the basic principles. Those principles are not well implemented at all.

Luckily the actual runecraft in game will be a lot more simple for the player. They will be choosing the final spell not having to worry about what combination they need to do. :slight_smile:

For inspiration for a creative way of using this sort of thing, can I suggest looking at a webtoon series called the witch and the bull? There’s a constellation witch who uses star signs in her magic.