Recruiting Scoundrel in HeroFall?

How do you recruit Scoundrel, I’ve played many playthrough but can never get her to join me?

I’m going to guess you’re talking about Open Season, but in the future, try to make what game you’re talking about a bit clearer in the title/post.

As for the answer to that… No idea. Haven’t had the chance to play Open Season yet. Sorry!

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Yeah, I don’t know the answer either, but I recategorized the thread for it to be more obvious as to what you’re looking for.

My bad I meant in HeroFall

Hrm. I’m not sure if it’s possible to. I’m pretty sure her not joining you is scripted.

But I’m not really sure, been a while since I replayed HeroFall.

Ideal as a major stat+appeal to her in chapter 4.

Awesome I got it thanks :grin: