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So, what I’m trying to do is compare a variable to itself (duh) and see if there is a change, then if there is a change, use that change to cause some *if text to appear.

Currently, the only way I know how to do this would be…

*if (Var <= blah)
*goto blah
*goto blah2

*label blah
*set blah +5
*goto blahblah

*label blahblah


*label blah2


But this isn’t particularly efficient (I think) and also isn’t really comparing the change in the variable, just seeing if it fits a certain parameter beforehand. Is there a better way to do this?


For added context, I am looking to see if the MC heals for this text. The healing is the important bit here as the actual health before or after healing is unimportant.

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Hi! Ideally you don’t want to make a bunch of different threads for questions. If you’re not yet ready to have your own WIP thread, or you don’t want to junk that thread up with technical queries, you can try this one:

It’s a good catch-all place for coding questions. Alternatively, use the monthly Writer Support threads, since people there likely have the answers you seek.


I have a WiP thread. Would I just make a noob thread for my own uses or do I post in your thread or…?

You would post to this thread:

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I’ve moved the conversation to “Ultimate Noob Coding.”

Well, it isn’t really mine. I made it but it’s been used by a bunch of people. If you want to make your own that’s probably fine, since that would still contain everything in one thread.

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