Randomtest creates blank webpage output

I’m having trouble with: randomtest.html produces empty webpage

Mac Catalina 10.15.7
Firefox 107.0.1

When I run randomtest.html, I go through all the options using the defaults, then browse to my game directory (arkhamholiday).

It claims to have select 237 files and I have no idea where this number comes from as I only have 70-odd files:.

Stephens-iMac:arkhamholiday stephen$ ls -R | wc
74 72 1166

Even from the ChoiceScript base directory it doesn’t have this many:

Stephens-iMac:dfabulich-choicescript-47288f1 stephen$ ls -R | wc
213 201 3011

Anyway, I click on Start Randomtest and the page goes completely blank. Checking the page source confirms there is nothing there except for some javascript.

I suspect the number of files is a clue but it may not be.

Any help appreciated,

Note: running quicktest.html and selecting the same game folder worked just fine.
Note also: the files randomtest.html and randomtest.js are in my game directory as required

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Update: it seems possibly to be related to the browser in some way
Safari shows the correct number of files (although it still produces blank output)
Chrome shows 237 files (same as Firefox) and produces the same blank output

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I may be wrong, but doesn’t the *rand command messed with randomtest in some browsers?

Does your project has RNG commands influencing the branches?

Nice idea but that wasn’t it. I did have six *rand commands in there but when I removed them it made no difference. True for both Firefox and Safari.

For reference, I also randomtested the vanilla ‘mygame’ that comes with the distribution, but no luck there either.

I’ve attempted to run randomtest.command from the command line but couldn’t make it work. If some helpful soul could give me the exact command and the directory to run it from I’d like to try that.

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I’ve managed to get randomtest.command to work from the command line with the vanilla mygame, which looks like the default.

I can’t work out how to pass the parameter for my own game (‘arkhamholiday’) to it.

This is embarrassing because I’ve been using bash since I was a baby…

Can someone help?