Rain King (complete)

Rain King is a game about understanding the true power and catastrophes the consequences of your decisions can bring. It is set in an alternate future were science fiction is merged with the medieval life. You will find your true character exposed in this world of philosophy, drama, manipulation, action, faith, death, family, friendship and love. As you forge your own prism of reality you might watch it shatter to pieces.

I am eager for your feedback on this game guys, as it’s my first finished major project. I have to warn you this game is serious, though-provoking and some scenes are cheerless and not for everybody, but I’ll promise you this: at least twice you will be mind blown.

The number of chapters depends on your choices but on the whole the game is more than 40000 words (excluding command lines). It is divided in 3 acts and each takes around an hour or less to complete. It also includes 29 achievements and 10 endings.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/7099

Thank you all!


That was surprisingly fun! Kind of all over the place, lots of “Now you’re 14 year back, now 9 years, now 12 years”, but its still good. Add quotation marks! I finished with ending 10


Hah, I got ending 10 for my first playthrough as well. Humans are such complex beings.

Quite an outstanding game—it’s so fast-paced from beginning to end, that I as the reader really felt being pushed into action the way the main character was—and I loved it.


Thanks for the support! I know it might be a little confusing at times, but it’s supposed to be so (I hope I didn’t overdo it haha). For quotation marks, do you have a specific scene in mind or do you just mean in general?

Thanks, those words really mean a lot to me! I made the ending number 10 harder to get since I saw you were all getting that (In my initial calculations it was less than 20% probability to achieve that). And if anybody is curious the hardest ending to get (statistically at least) is number 1.

Which ending did you get?
  • Not afraid of death: Ending number 1
  • Cheater: Ending number 2
  • Godly: Ending number 3
  • I’m only human after all: Ending number 4
  • The truce: Ending number 5
  • Utter obliteration: Ending number 6
  • Pray to the Machine: Ending number 7
  • Devoted servant of God: Ending number 8
  • I care: Ending number 9
  • Prisoner of my mind: Ending number 10

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I got ending 9 for my first playthrough. Interesting game. I like it.

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Interesting game.

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Ah, if it supposed to be confusing than it works well. I just wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be like that or if you just missed it. Again, great job!


Hey this game was actually so cool, honestly went i click the demo. I just want to try it but the game was make me want to play more and more :slight_smile:

In other side actually i little disapointed cuz there is no save and load but i keep enjoy it, however the most awful thing is i keep restart the game cuz i accidently press back button (habit when i want back from show stat)〒_〒.

but afterall i like your story, such. a good story.≥﹏≤
btw do u have discord?


Hey thanks for the comment!! Sorry for the save part, when it will be published it will include it of course :wink: . I don’t have discord, I’m sorry. I have been quite busy recently.


Truly an excellent game you have here. One of my first favorites in a long time!


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