Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains (RPG, recruiting playtesters for latest patch, +35,000 words, total now ~180,000 words,post #172)

It only works after completing your first mission.

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Thanks :blush:

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@kckolbe what do you mean by “defensive scores remain the same”? You mean that the dice rolls don’t change? (that should clearly be a bug…)

But, I get your point about the game mechanics, and added some extra explanations about this. Basically, these are based on the Fighting Fantasy series… so, a score of 4 or 6 are very low (you need to roll less than 4 or 5 with 2D6… which is difficult…). But, hopefully in the next update this will all be better explained.

The loot is indeed random, and does lead to such problems. As the dungeons are also random, in some of them you might encounter more locked doors than others, and the potions would also be random. Some of them are not random (as in, some rooms are “set” rooms, and have fixed treasure, as some people had complained of the lack of this or that during playtesting). If you want to make some recommendations I can make some modifications to make the game feel better for a rogue? (but, yes, the game is what it is… though some of the dungeons should have a different feel to them, like the tomb of the dwarf?). Nevertheless, I will try to think of some more of these myself…

@Pedro_Aires I take your point that as a wizard it is difficult to prioritize… mana vs having many spells… vs having points in other things. But, surely this becomes part of the strategy in the game? (which to prioritize, as you level up). I mean, if you find it difficult at a certain level you can always play in an easier level? (in what difficulty level do you play at the moment). But, maybe it would help if I add an extra mana potion in the first dungeon?

@ImNotListening thanks for reporting, hopefully that should be fixed in the next update! :slight_smile:

Will continue from post #138 later…:slight_smile:

To do list
-Add more instances of open locks for rogues (especially in the first few dungeons…)
-Add an extra mana potion for wizard in first dungeon


I believe I also found another small bug. It seems that both the mighty blow and the bezurke attack is doing 3 damage. Shouldn’t the bezurke attack do more damage than mighty blow?


I know this may be a lot but I was wondering if you can make it so we can visit each town/city of a race, and maybe make an adventurer’s guild.

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Sorry that this thread has been a bit quiet for a bit… recently I have had a lot more time to work on my games, so I have started working on a new side mission (free for those who bought the game), where you can battle a manticore. I will also go through the last comments (I know they were from a while ago).

Also, made a new video about current news on my games (this one and other ones, check the link below!)


Awesome! I haven’t played this in a while, but I’ll have to give it another go when the new mission is ready.


one little question from me,

if a released title got updates, can it still recognize old saved data? or do we have to start over?

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Update: I am continuing to work on the update for this, which is currently 135,000 words (that is almost 25,000 more than when the game was first released). In this update I have two romance options, one new side mission, a couple of new spells, and various other changes and bug fixes. Still not sure when I will finish, but hope it will be within the next week or two! Any thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated (I have gone through the post and tried to reply and incorporate all of them, but let me know if I have missed anything or you have some extra ideas).

@Elemental Glad that you enjoyed the game and sorry for the late reply… after release and the first few updates I didn’t do much on the game, but in the last few weeks I have been working on a major update (the original game was 110,000 words, but I just checked earlier today and this had grown to 135,000 now, so maybe by the time I send to CoG it’ll be about 140,000). About dating the gods and goddesses… that is an interesting idea, but not in the present game. Maybe if the character continues to level up (in DLCs or 2nd part of the game) it would be an interesting idea! The relationship stats however do influence the story, as the outcomes of certain actions depend on your relationship with whatever god is relevant.

@ZaneDBradley thanks for the feedback! I added a note indicating that you cannot buy magic weapons during character creation :slight_smile: (but potions and scrolls are allowed).

I take your points about the perception check for being robbed. There is now the following code, to give the reader a chance to have some knowledge to guide their decision:

*if ((total_skill_roll_1+difficulty_hard) <MC_perception)

  You notice that something is a bit strange, and that there are a number of odd trinkets and goods hanging on the back of one of the wagons. 
  Almost, it seems as if they were stolen goods, but you cannot be certain. However, if these are thieves you would be better staying away from them. 

@kckolbe the new side mission will have another specific chance for the rogue to use open locks.

@Denzil_Melgior_Nagel Sorry, your comments was a long time ago. Do you know when you had this problem?

@ImNotListening currently working on an update that will add to the game, but still not let you visit other towns. I am thinking of adding another city if I decide to do a DLC… making an adventurer’s guild might be too much work thought… mmmmm

@Valda_Reehux if the game gets updated sometimes you can continue to play… I think… but often the game can misbehave or break (particularly when many changes are introduced… this update is kind of quite big, so the chances of things going wrong are quite high).


So, I am currently getting towards the end of my planned free update to this game. Currently ~135,000 words.

Some of the main new additions are:

-One entirely new side quest, having to deal with a manticore.

-Some new monsters to fight.

-New spells

-Two new ROs

Overall, this will push the game towards 135,000 words, which is ~25,000 more than when it was first released. Hopefully, the new additions will both reinforce the RPG elements, while giving more character interaction and helping to build the world further.

My question is… any thoughts about what else to improve at this point? (let me know, I am happy to add a few more bits and pieces before sending to CoG…)


Have you thought about putting putting some named magic artifacts that give some skill boosts or spells, this could make a more mystic feel, making the player feel like he’s in a fantasy adventure. They don’t have to be that powerful but I would like to see that

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Ok, I’ll try to choose one or two :slight_smile:

Any particular requests?

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I like the idea but honestly, there are already so many potions for things that I don’t know what else can be added. It would be nice to see what you come up with though.


Nope nothing at all, I’m not sure if I’ve put my idea properly but I want to see an item with a name and lore behind it like maybe, "That sword’s name is grom’s burden it is said the follower of Kathos used this blade to fell a hundred humans at the battle of so and so but died shortly after from his wounds, if you concentrate you can hear whispering voices emanating from the blade.

Something like that, an item that makes you feel really cool while using it.

Ok, sounds like a good idea! I will add one such weapon, I’m not sure I can use the name “Grom”. Is it derived from any existing fantasy settings? (I seem to recall the name from somewhere, but don’t know where…). So, I might have to call it something else. But, I’ll add some description, and maybe then you can ask the sage about it… mmmmmm

Any other thoughts? (problem is indeed, as @Denzil_Melgior_Nagel mentions, there are already so many potions and things, but still I am open to the idea of inserting some new items, providing that the coding isn’t too hard…)

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I’m not actually where I got the name from but it’s probably been used somewhere yes and I completely understand if it’s not possible you already have so much items in the game and I want to say it’s already a cool game so no pressure

Coming back to this I am glad it’s happening. I played it recently, and the new adventure was neat, but It’s been a bit since I read the forum.

Really glad to play it, but here are a few suggestions.

  1. Make the directions you go in the dungeons have a clearer purpose. You don’t have to really navigate the maze, and the options for where you go really don’t feel like they have any obvious advantages or disadvantages most of the time. Most of the time it feels like you’re going through the motions rather than actually exploring. So improvements to that would be very much appreciated. It would be cool if we had to track rations and whatnot, but that’s not the kind of RPG this is modeled off of.

  2. is lower on the list of priority whether free or paid, I would definitely do something with the Sea-Elves. They seem cool, but they don’t have much for them. Plus Underwater adventures are always fun.

  3. If there’s going to be a paid expansion, the number one request I have is that it feels different. Like how for example, the Shivering Isles Feels different than base Oblivion.

Not saying you need to take the same insanity-based approach, but while I like it if I’m going to pay extra I’d like to have something that feels different than the base. Whether it’s a barovia-type adventure with limited food and arrows, or maybe Arabian Nights sort of stuff in the desert where you have to resolve a conflict between a Sultan and a Pharoh, while using genie magic to fight mummies and beetle swarms. Going on Vikinger/Pirate Raids where you have to make sure your boat works, maybe against the before-mentioned Tritons or a single Mega Dungeon you see in D&D modules (Kinda like Elder Scrolls Battlespire) The deeper you go the more loot you get, but the further you have to go to return.

I’m not saying just these things in particular, but my point is that a change in the tone or gameplay would be a definite plus when deciding if I should buy it or not.

Thank you very much.

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Yes, you make very good points, and you more or less have arrived at the same thoughts that are running through my head. I think I want to rewrite the “first maze” (as you call it), and make it less random. When I started working on this game I was going in a certain direction, and then kind of moved away from it… and when I play the game myself I’m not sure I still even like that. I will probably still keep some random dungeons, but the main parts of the story shouldn’t have any randomless in them, I think.

Indeed, if I make an expansion or 2nd book for this I’m currently thinking of it being a pirate theme, probably also giving the possibility to interact more with the lizardfolk. I’ve been trying my best NOT to start working on this (as I have many other games on the go, and I really ought to finish Armageddon next). But, my mind has been trying to start work on a ship-to-ship fighting system… but I cannot find any good ideas on what to base it on. Any thoughts of any systems that I could use are welcome!

The only choicescript examples of ship battles I remember playing right now are Choice Of Broadsides and Lost Heir 3.

I have an idea for a paid expansion: class-specific quests. Might be a bit complicated for clerics but many of the gods are already split into factions.


I like the idea of class-specific quests, and may implement some of these in the future. Any thoughts on which kind of quest would you like implemented specifically? (for your favourite class, and what kind of quests do you like?)