Quicktest issue - unable to determine which file is causing Quicktest to search for a non-existent scene file

Hi, can anyone tell me what quicktest is doing here?

The problem:

operation/brokenbridge_open_world,goto explore,1159F,1287F,1294F,1301F,1308F,1315F,1322F,1329F,1510F,1524F,1717#5 (1736),1739F,1743F,1747F,1751F,1755F,1759F,1763F,1767F,1772F,1777F,1782F,1787F,1792F,1797F,1802F,1807F,1811F,1815F,1819F,1823F,1827F,1831F,1835F,1839F,1844F,1849F,1854F,1859F,1864F,1869F,1874F,1879F,1883F,1887F,1891F,1895F,1899F,1903F,1907F,1911F,1916F,1921F,1926F,1931F,1936F,1941F,1946F,1951F,1955F,1959F,1963F,1967F,1971F,1975F,1979F,1983F,1988F,1993F,1998F,2003F,2008F,2013F,2018F,2023F
88-1151 2465-2473 2495-2503 2512-2520 2592-9232 9305-9336 9341-9344 9364-9400 9416-9423 9428-9455 9471-9490 9496-9655 9671-9820 9826-9830 9846-9880 9886-10034 10157-10177 10237-10238 10250-10251 10344-10348 10365-10495 10516-10524 10527-11051
ERROR: couldn't open chapter/00_the_tree__you.txt

Before you say Quicktest is looking for a non existent scene file, (have you mispelled it in startup etc.) please read the rest.

Firstly, I was under the assumption that Quicktest showed you which file it was testing after displaying any ‘UNCOVERED’ lines, like this:

Quicktest showing us the next file that it is executing:

operation/spirit_ranking,goto check_third_stat,117F
operation/brokenbridge_open_world,goto sell_items

But in the first example (The problem) it appears to finish a file scene (operation/brokenbridge_open_world,goto explore) then attempt to execute a new one, then fail without having told me which file scene is telling Quicktest to execute ‘chapter/00_the_tree__you.txt’.

I’m trying to locate the file scene directing Quicktest to attempt to access that non-existent file. The file is not listed in startup (Quicktest has already sucessfully executed files listed in startup and is now attempting to execute anything referenced in non-listed files).

My only code capable of adding the suffix ‘the_tree__you’ to anything is:

*label chapter_title_defined

*if (({turn_to#1} = 0) and ({turn_to#2} = 0))
*if (({turn_to#1} = 0) and ({turn_to#2} = 1))
  *set chapter_title "_the_carpenter__ria"
*if (({turn_to#1} = 0) and ({turn_to#2} = 2))
  *set chapter_title "_brokenbridge__you"
*if (({turn_to#1} = 0) and ({turn_to#2} = 3))
  *set chapter_title "_waybrook__hollow"
*if (({turn_to#1} = 0) and ({turn_to#2} = 4))
  *set chapter_title "_the_tree__you"


This code should logically exclude the prefix ‘00’ from activating the fifth *if
because only ‘04’ should activate it.
(ie: turn_to#1 = 0 and turn_to#2 = 4)

Without looking deeper (because I don’t have the time), I can say if you use Sublime, you can open the whole scenes folder and Command/Ctrl+F and search every single file really quick.

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Cool tool. Thank you.

Unfortunately, it confirms that the only scene file that could be throwing the error is the one above:

Sublime search for 00_the_tree__you:

Searching 123 files for "00_the_tree__you"

0 matches

*Sublime search for the_tree_you picking out only one set command (line 283 at the bottom):

Searching 123 files for "the_tree__you"

/Users/charles/Desktop/THE AEGIS SAGA/web/mygame/scenes/startup.txt:
    8    chapter/02_brokenbridge__you
    9    chapter/03_waybrook__hollow
   10:   chapter/04_the_tree__you
   11  *comment chapter/05_placeholder__hollow
   12  *comment chapter/06_placeholder__you

/Users/charles/Desktop/THE AEGIS SAGA/web/mygame/scenes/operation/brokenbridge_open_world.txt:
 1521      *if (((x = 0) and (y = 0)) and (z = 1))
 1522        #Go shopping
 1523:         *goto_scene chapter/04_the_tree__you orins_shop
 1524  *if (((((((((direction_north = true) or (direction_northeast = true)) or (direction_east = true)) or (direction_southeast = true)) or (direction_south = true)) or (direction_southwest = true)) or (direction_west = true)) or (direction_northwest = true)) and (z = 0))
 1525    *fake_choice
 1650      *if (((x = 0) and (y = 0)) and (z = 1))
 1651        #Go shopping
 1652:         *goto_scene chapter/04_the_tree__you orins_shop
 1653  *if not ((((((((direction_north = true) or (direction_northeast = true)) or (direction_east = true)) or (direction_southeast = true)) or (direction_south = true)) or (direction_southwest = true)) or (direction_west = true)) or (direction_northwest = true)) and (z = 0)
 1654    *if debug = true
 1693  *if (go_home = true)
 1694    *set go_home false
 1695:   *goto_scene chapter/04_the_tree__you orins_shop
 1696  *goto map_boundaries
 2032  *if (go_home = true)
 2033    *set go_home false
 2034:   *goto_scene chapter/04_the_tree__you orins_shop
 2035  *set item_1_present false

/Users/charles/Desktop/THE AEGIS SAGA/web/mygame/scenes/operation/reread_skip_forward.txt:
  281    *set chapter_title "_waybrook__hollow"
  282  *if (({turn_to#1} = 0) and ({turn_to#2} = 4))
  283:   *set chapter_title "_the_tree__you"
  285  *return

6 matches across 3 files

Alright, I have a new error, which I guess is progress.

If its possible I it would be wonderful if there were an *if (choice_randomtest) type command for quicktest :slight_smile:

Not sure how to post-mortem this for future bug troubleshooting, but if anyone has an issue running quicktest on non-scene files in the future I’m happy for you to PM me if you’d like to hear what fixes I’ve been trying.