Quicktest Error - chatper instead of chapter

Hey, so I’m trying to load up my game through quicktest and it’s saying “ERROR: couldn’t open chatper2p2a.txt”

I have checked my game folder, IDE, my scene list, literally everywhere I could think of but I could not find a file that was misspelled as “chatper” instead of “chapter”. Has anyone ever come across this?

EDIT: I tried renaming “chapter2p2a” to “chatper2p2a” thinking it was looking for a file of that name. After I changed it, it said it couldn’t open “chapter2p2a”. I’m almost positive quicktest is trolling me atm.

EDIT 2: I’m going to leave this post here for anyone who runs into the same thing I did. I found the issue. A couple of my *goto_scene commands had the spelling error in it. Fixing that fixed the issue.