Question regarding Implicit Control Flow and requirements for publication

I was looking at the guides for ChoiceScript and noticed there’s some cases where it says certain things aren’t technically necessary for the game to work, but are still required before publication.

For example, the guide explains how to navigate between scenes with *goto_scene, but says that it’s still important to list every scene in *scene_list before publication, even if we change scenes with goto_scene or have non-playable scenes, they all still have to be in *scene_list.

So that brings me to Implicit Control Flow, which I found info about on this forum. The sense I got from reading the intro and advanced segments is that it’s good practice to have a *goto or *finish every time the scene branches, like a choice or a condition. So I figured that meant it has to be structured that way for publication. But I really want to use Implicit Control Flow.

But because it’s not listed on the guides on and the publication requirements include best practices, I’m worried I will finish my game then find out I can’t publish it without changing it to work with Implicit Control Flow turned off.

It’s not a requirement either way - feel free to use Implicit Control Flow or don’t, whatever’s right for you.


Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:

I very much enjoy Implicit Control Flow and it solved a lot of the problems I was getting caught up on when I found it.

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Same - my first game was made before it existed, but for games I’ve worked on afterwards, it made writing much smoother. It can catch you out by falling into a label that it shouldn’t if you inadvertently miss a *goto (which has happened to me a few times when debugging) but overall the greater efficiency outweighs that for me.


Same here, but to fix the problem of falling into scenes I started putting a *bug at the bottom of all of my scenes. I only ever use *goto_scene instead of *finish and this way I never fall somewhere I didn’t expect without an error coming up. Like you, I also immediately found this pattern feels a lot more flexible.

I wish there was info on the official guides for Implicit Control Flow since it doesn’t mention it at all, I found it by chance because somebody said something about it on the forum.

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