Is implicit control flow working or not?

Okay, I’m getting pretty dang confused about this. I understand using *goto or *finish at the end of *if or #options and all that, but I prefer using implicit control flow which I enabled and set to true in the beginning of my startup. I swear this was working correctly before, but now every time I try using randomtest I get immediate failures over “falling out of an *else statement”, aka the thing that enabling implicit control flow should fix.

One example is in this bit of code here:

These abilities are all insanely rare — and insanely [i]illegal.[/i] Psychometrists are, like Tierney said, highly sought after by the police or the government. As for automancers, their numbers dwindled severely in the past twenty-something years due to the ethical concerns surrounding them. And elementalists? They're one-in-a-million.
*if (background = "Fallen From Grace")
    The upper echelons of society call them "desirable tools".
    Word on the street calls them "military fodder".
They're the kind of power that causes you to disappear one day and never be seen again, packed up and shipped out to laboratories, army bases, void knows where.

The idea is that if your background is Fallen From Grace, you get a slightly different insight compared to if you have one of the other 2 backgrounds. I really love doing flavour text like this and I swear this all worked before. I have no idea why it’s not now!


The code looks fine. Do you want to post here some more context? The whole file, and the detailed error message may help debug.

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Have you by accident removed *create implicit_control_flow true from startup?


I think it’s just something weird with my CSIDE playtest feature. When I put it through Dashingdon, everything works just fine. For now, it seems like I can get away with avoiding too many *goto labels so long as I don’t use *if/*else and use *if/*if instead.

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If you could PM me a copy of your game exhibiting this behaviour in CSIDE, I’d like to look into it.