Question about *if inside a choice

So, working on my Choice of Games game again, along with some other stuff. However, I have a couple of choices that hinge on things that you did before, and currently I have a couple of star if commands inside choice, I’m just not sure if I can actually do that. If you want the code, I can paste it, it, that’s not that big of an issue.
Also, when it says I think it was in that document about the style for choice of games? The really big one that’s like 60 pages long or something? Anyway, when it says 200 lines, does it mean 200 lines of code, or 200 lines overall? I hope code, because well, both my scenes are like 400 lines long now.
Anyway, just a passing thought.

You can, but tracking the blocks can be difficult, so do it with the risk. In general, if you can keep things simple, keep it simple.

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I am only doing it now, because two of the choices hinge on previous decisions that if you do not choose the previous decisions, neither choice would be available.