Question about a setup

Ok I was trying to make my code look like this

 text power 

in my stats screen and I was thinking I could set mine up like this

*create power""
*set power to earth

However I was stupid enough to think it would work so does anyone know how to do this?


*creates all go into the startup, between author/title and achievements

*create power ""

*sets would look like this

*set power "earth"

you could take a look at other games’ code if you like (the tutorial on the mainpage here provides some files, and for other games:
go to the respective game and add /scenes/startup.txt , /scenes/choicescript_stats.txt etc behind the gamename.

like this:

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First bit I think you mean to display the text, the shorthand method is usually preferred


Second part you’re missing a space, it is also good to have default values.

*create power "fire"

Third part you need a string literal, not a variable. You’re missing the "

*set power "earth"

Also, the values of string variables are usually lower case which you did in case when first letter doesn’t have to be capitalized.

*set power "earth"

*comment displays "Earth"

*comment displays "You can manipulate earth"