Putting beta tester experience on a CV/resume?

Hey, hopefully this is the right category for this, and couldn’t find a previous topic on this. So basically I go to university and my careers adviser suggested that putting my beta testing experience on my CV would be a good idea. However before I do that, I thought it best to post here. So yeah basically would that be ok please? I’ve only beta tested for non official games before, but wondering also if it is ok for me to do this if I’d need to ask individually each writer I test for? So yeah hope it’s ok to post this, and don’t worry if it’s not ok, but the more I can put on my CV the better I guess, and my careers adviser thought it was a good idea, but if it’s not ok I’ll still beta test the same as I do now :slight_smile: , thanks in advance.


I think it is acceptable due to the time you’ve spent on my games. Most resumes list Other Activities" or Skills, and it is reasonable to list beta tester for interactive fiction.


Thanks very much, appreciate it :slight_smile: . Fyi I was talking about getting work even if just voluntary as a copy editor, my advisor also suggested keeping a log of my testing and checking linked in for experience too, just thought I’d mention that in case it might help someone out :slight_smile: .

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If you helped someone with coding then you can put that in programming related experience, but if it was just reading-testing then that would mainly help for editing/writing/proofreading/etc job resumes.

Otherwise yeah, it works for the “Other/Interesting things about me” section.


Definitely include it. It’s an unusual hobby and something you can talk about at interviews with passion. Aside from specific jobs it shows positive traits such as helpfulness, dedication to a job and even good teamwork skills. Also, you’ve been helping with my game :slight_smile:


Definitely include it, is only going to help. (The more experience you can show on a CV the better, and something that is different could become a talking point if you get an interview). Your name should be in the credits of any game you’ve tested for that’s out on the stores, so you can prove it quite easily. (I doubt you’d be asked to though).


Check out MobyGames. If you get credit from testing published games, you’ll get a page there that you can link to.