Purple Reign (WIP)

So, fresh from Murder in Berlin, I’ve made a start on a new historical choice of game.
This time the obscure setting is the Byzantine Empire in the 8th century. Expect to be troubled by religious, political, military and succession crises. You’ll have to deal with challenges to your rule and keep different groups happy.
There was some criticism from experienced choice of gamers that Murder in Berlin was too linear and also in particular that you couldn’t choose the gender or background of the protagonist. Well, if you like that sort of thing (creating a protagonist), you’ll love this.
This opening section is all about establishing who you are and how you’ve come to the throne. There is also an example of the kind of morale dilemmas that you’ll have to face as Emperor/Empress. Check out the stats screen for cool stuff as well.
Anyway, see what you think, apologies for lack of action but that will come, promise.


@AlexClifford94 Looks exciting, looking forward to much more.

great game :smiley:

When i selected my own name you write TELL ME when you try to present me like a empress meh , you donnt use the style appropiated if my girl heard you treat a emperor that way you would be hang or burned a life. the bizantines where like romans the more ruthless power hungry the only choice seem totally goody to shoes and unrealistic due charity and orfanages where church matter also church catolic and ortodox was one until 11 century. more poison more slaves and if you want keep titles dont lost them.

My character choose pick the child and sell them like slaves with half money pay a hipodrome race in honor the poors pay 10% To church pick the rest to the treasury.

Looks really exciting so far! Have you ever played “Medieval 2 Total War”? There’s a Byzantine faction in that and this game reminded me of them, so I just thought I’d ask :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s an interesting idea to play as the Emperor/Empress and I really enjoyed the the game so far. :slight_smile:
I love historical choice games and look forward to find out how it continues. :smiley:

Byzantium, now there’s a setting that has me interested.

Pedantic Question: Are you going to be sticking to the rather generic names (Byzantium, Emperor, etc) for the sake of readability, or are you going to end up switching to the more obscure “historically accurate” terms (Basilion ton Romaion etc)?

Also, @MaraJade has a point: the Great Schism wasn’t until 1056, technically the Patriarch of Constantinople is senior man in the entire Christian structure until then.

And yes, where’s my choice to disfigure my rivals, so that they can be cut out (heh) of the running for my throne? The first choices you make as a character should set the tone of the whole story, and “be a good guy or do nothing” isn’t a choice that screams “the top dog in a very dangerous, very complex political system.”

@MaraJade On your historical points:
a) although the formal split between Eastern and Western churches didn’t take place until the 11th century, the two had already grown far apart by the 700s. The creed was worded differently, the sermons were in greek rather than latin and the pope was not recognised as having any authority in the East. Also, iconoclasm, which was the big religious controversy of the 8th century only took place in the east and facilitated an effective split between the two churches.
b) Byzantine emperors were always keen on patronising charitable causes as part of their Christian faith and to show their kindness to the people, most emperors and empresses opened a monastery, convent or church. Examples of charity include Empress Theodora who set up a sanctuary for reformed prostitutes
c) I wouldn’t say that closing the orphanage is a goody 2 shoes choice

I think i’ll stick with the anglicised terms just so everyone knows what we’re talking about. I certainly will deep dropping in ‘Roman Emperor’ and ‘Roman Empire’ to remind everyone of Byzantium’s rightful inheritance!

Trust me, there will be cruelty, not necessarily poisoning as byzantines generally preferred blinding, and possibly slaughtering 30,000 civilians in the hippodrome but you can’t do all that on the first day of your reign! To be a cruel dictator, i’d probably recommend befriending the army.
By no means am I saying all emperors were good, they were all nasty at times but they also all patronised the church and charity so they could get to heaven!
Certainly politically you’ll have to kill or exile or incapacitate your enemies. To give an example, if you play as a woman, you’ll certainly have to deal with your husband in some way in order to get power yourself. It’ll be your choice what to do to him…

Officially, the Church splits in the 1050s, and although we have squabbles about primacy all the way up to near the beginning of Christianity itself, I doubt that the Patriarch of Constantinople or any true, loyal subject of the Basileus would consider their church anything but the one true church. They certainly wouldn’t admit the existence of a rival power structure in Rome (officially) by referring to themselves as “Orthodox”.

Well then this game is certainly not for me if obliged you to be good at force when Bizantine empire is also know for many cruelty poison and kill there own people in hipodrome.


Hmm true but blinding always look so unefective for me. But i want a option to close orphanage and spend money in a greath hipodrome ceremony i want to gain soldiers and nobility not citizenship or orphans so a option instead be good do nothing is needed, but if i were empress i sell childs like slaves more money for treasury maybe give part to the church in a magneficent ceremony

Poor boy try marry mara the poison empress. He has to be stupid and powerless a typical guy center in literature and ptolemaic maths. and a lover general power hungry and eager to take his place .

@AlexClifford94-You picked quite a setting, you have so much history to work with! I have some recommendations if your willing to hear them.

-If your going to include the issue between the Papacy and the Patriarchy, I would be careful not to criticize the other to much or favor one another, some readers can be defensive when it comes to religion.

-Maybe some aspects into the MCs personal life such as do you get on with your spouse, children, brothers and sisters, or even your granny.

-I always love some court plotting, maybe a ruthless noble or desperate lover.

-Dont forget court life to.

-When it comes to the military, maybe choosing to lead from the front or have people do it for you.

I hope you get some ideas from these!

Similarly, if you play as a man NOT born in the purple, you’ll have to find a way to deal with your purple-born wife, who may get ideas above her station about her right to rule…

yeah, I was thinking about a lot of those things. I don’t intend to do east vs west church but certainly iconoclasm will be in there. You will have to secure the succession in the form of children, who you’ll get to name. you’ll have to choose which child you want as heir, e.g. bastard child or purple-born?
Leading campaigns or delegating is also something that will come into it.
cheers for the feedback!

This game looks cool! Keep up the good work:3

“Long live Emperor John I!” - Why a regnal number, when I’m the first? That doesn’t make sense… Unless you’re Pope John Paul I… Ugh.

Certainly bare-bones at the moment, but I really like the prospect.

One question: Will Krum the Fearsome be knocking about? Unless I’ve got my dates muddled (which is entirely possible, - I don’t have a knack for numbers), Khan Krum of Bulgaria should be around, at this time. Which would make for some remarkable gameplay, considering he defeated, - what was it, three Byzantine Emperors? AND made one of their skulls into a cup! A stand-up fellow, indeed!