I volunteer for beta test!

i would like to beta test!

always curious about new games - sign me up :wink:

Hey All –

If you find an actual continuity bug, use the BUG button at the top of the game to report it. Then say who it is that’s reporting the bug a the top of the email, so I can give you credit for it.

If you send in an email reporting a bug, but don’t give us enough context for us to find it, it’s of no value.

I would also like to beta test…but just in case what am I supposed to feedback? bugs or what?

P.S I’m new here so yeah…

A good place to start is by reading that thread I linked to.


Generally the more information, and the more context you can provide the better. There shouldn’t be any bugs in the game, and the game should have a copy-editor which means you don’t really need to focus on spelling mistakes either. If there’s pronoun problems, or names confused though, (like your girlfriend suddenly becoming your boyfriend) that can be a result of code so you should mention that.

You’re also looking for continuity errors, such as if you burn down someone’s house and have a huge fight with them, and in the next scene their house is still standing and they’re your best friend. Even if it seems small, mention continuity errors. (I nit-picked Zombie Exodus horribly over tiny things that weren’t all that important and I bet no one else noticed.) Also mention if you come across any sort of repetition with the same sentence being spoken twice in a row and whatnot.

Any sort of stat oddities too. If you think you should be able to do something, pick a choice and then can’t do it, mention it. (Likewise if you think you should fail given your stats and then don’t.)

Share both the positive and the negative, but don’t just say “I love this game” provide detailed feedback as to why. Maybe speak about characters you like and dislike and what it is that makes you feel that way.

Of course I’m the crazy person who just finished writing over 10,000 words of feedback on a game.

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Actually, spelling errors are useful to point out as well. Yes, the game will go to a copyeditor. But our copyeditors work on very tight deadlines. So if they’re focused on fixing spelling errors, they may not have time to address infelicities and other difficulties. Therefore, I like to try and give the best version possible to the copyeditor.

That said, there shouldn’t be many spelling errors in this particular game.

But yeah, everything else FG said. :smile: In particular, continuity errors. We need as much help as possible with finding continuity errors.


I found a continuity bug, hit the bug button, and in the space provided described the issue. At the time i thought there was nothing more to do. What data does the game give you from reported bugs, and what is left out that needs to go in an email?

I would to beta test! :slight_smile:

Sent my email, would love to beta test! :slight_smile:

Sent my email love to beta test too

Question does it matter where you email then from cause I emailed from a gmail account

I’m not sure actually :open_mouth: I emailed from the email address that I signed up for with my COG account, but I haven’t received a reply yet.

Make sure that it was just Jason you emailed for access, not Rebecca. Feedback is sent to both of them, it’s just Jason that handles access.

If you did send the email to Jason, and he hasn’t replied yet don’t panic. He’s a real person, not a robot, and Choice of Games is his job. It’s a weekend, he might be doing other things which aren’t working.

Be patient. Wait until Monday. If you’ve not received a link by then send a second email to double-check the first was received and you weren’t overlooked. The email address you use shouldn’t matter as long as it can receive emails. Also remember to double-check your spam folder just in case.

I assume that I can ask this here, so… When I follow the link to the Beta it requires me to insert a username and password. I have inserted every set of usernames and passwords tied to my name. Help?

When you send an email asking to beta test you will get a return email with a special name and password. As mentioned earlier those emails may not get sent until after the weekend.

Sent my email, I would love to beta test :slight_smile:

There’s a new version up that addresses a few of the continuity errors/typos. Replays are appreciated.

I don’t know if you’re still accepting any testers but I just found out what the game is actually about and it sounds really cool. Let me know!

New draft up.