Project PTL


Hello subjects! I’m a sorta new to the forums, but I’ve been stalking about the forums for almost a year. While in my silence I’ve been learning alot about coding. Im quite fluent in Choicescript, HTML, CSS, and other languages. So, I decided a month ago, I wanna challenge myself and to Push The Limits of CS What i’ve currently been doing is alot of different stuff.

I’m usually able to figure it out but for the last week ive been stuck on is trying to make a timer which when hits 0% will take you to the next page and pick the answer for you. I know there are a dozen problems that are presented with that mechanic, but I want to resolve those later, right now im in the middle of trying to figure out how to reset the bar to 100% and run the timer again when you pick or time runs out, I really need help with that.

I’m also in the middle of trying to do a very unique inventory system, but sadly I dont know how to keep it exclusively to the stat page, so it comes out weird. I’ll post a link so you guys can get an idea.

Project PTL

When the problem is solved, I’m really hoping to make both some sort of horror and zombie type stories… I’ve been writing on the stories already, but these problems have been irking me a bit and I noticed I havent been writing as much as I was before these problems. So, I thought to hurry this along it wouldnt hurt to ask the forum. I just want to resolve them so I can hurry up and show a really unique story to my fellow peers.

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nice beautiful font and background if you look at stats and return to text the stat text still there below cog demo text


Regarding your problems: The solution(s) would all have to be done in custom/additional Javascript - but we tend to say you shouldn’t really discuss Javascript related questions here:

Rule No. 7

Most of the users don’t fancy themselves coders and JS is a huge topic in comparison to CS.


@CJW Sorries, and thank you sir.


Google JavaScript tutorials, do a load of them and eventually you’ll get to the point where you can do what you’re asking - it’ll just… *click* - I promise! :wink:

It’d simply be too hard for any of us to explain it here in forum posts, particularly if you’re knowledge isn’t completely comprehensive.

If you have CS related questions however, fire away…!