Project Ascension (WiP)


Unsure if intentional, but “Come one, honey cake” should be Come on

Our task was to get acquianted. acquainted

–of course you handled it better!" "Buuut thank you for saying this. Because, – I feel like these two should be together, since there’s nothing in between and they are said by the same person (Emily)

–Drove mommy-dear mad. “By the stars, Prisca, just look at all the stains! And what’s that in your hair?!”" Use single quotation marks ( ’ ) when quote inside quote (I just googled the right thing to say)

–There’s s tinge of something that feels surprisingly like embarrassment-- there is

–"He actually wrote diaries detailing all his travels, thouhg they are less-known-- though

–the fact that many a successfull pickpocket has preyed upon.-- I just learned that there’s no -full, only -ful
Also I think a fact that fits better, but then again I’m not sure

Not a bug, but when we talk to Lucretia at the cafe and she mentions she’s a priest, I think the segment that comes after, explaining the Lord of Knowledge, should be put waay back (think his figure at the gates of the uni), and instead explain the role/skills of a priest(ess).

In fact, I think some world building before we launch into stuff would be welcome. While we readers are aware that the gods do exist and etc, we have no idea how magic or energy or the divine words actually work (we get something when we use it to fight the snake, but it just tells us what we are doing), while the MC seems familiar with it (since when do evil spirits grow the size of a car? You tell me), the same goes for the divisions into Lower/Middle/Upper Cities, we know they are like that, but why, since when, is it the same everywhere else? Just my two cents actually, dont worry too much about me

I’d like the option to agree to go with Emily because we like her/want to protect her

I’ve stopped at the Under Construction mark because I really need to sleep, but if you are still taking feedback for the parts after it, I’ll be eager to give (as well as finish the demo). As the game gets longer, though, would you mind adding the save plugin? There are so many interactions I’d like to see without redoing the entire book, thanks!

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Thank you for bringing this to my attention! The save plugin was included in a previous update, I had no idea it wasn’t working anymore QQ I’ll deal with this once I’m back to my laptop.

Edit: I was a dummy and forgot to enable it on the new link. It should work now~

On the worldbuilding etc.

I’ve been thinking to include some kind of codex, guess we’re at the point where it’s needed already. The reason I didn’t put much into the game proper is because I wanted to avoid infodumps, but codex is fair game I guess. Also, sure, I’ll move the LoK description and add an option regarding Emily.

Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

Edit 2: Added a couple codex entries with some in-universe knowledge~ I’ll do more, eventually…


Oh nice! how did you do it so fast takes me days to get started Thanks for it all, I just realized there is a bit of an explanation on magic in the OP (oof, sorry), and I liked how the codex presents its info, so that means there’s a place where they don’t do, at least the old, magic. I imagine they are either from the very Upper City, or just from another very tech based city. Cool

some more thingys

When picking the “who cares, I’ll probably get it wrong ‘First one’” for the Emily Two Truths One Lie there’s a weird blank space before the text

So I tries doing a complete opposite run (just kidding, I cant be a dick, so it was Flirty and Friendly), but my stoic/timid stat didnt change, but with 90 flirty, and when Emily complimented back, it was the same thing as my actual reserved, “calm and collected”, I’m not sure if thats right so I figured just letting you know

Startup line 1850: unexistant command ‘this’ when Felix asks if we are ready in the grocery store route, every option leads to this

[An except from an internet article-- excerpt

Could you add an option to return to the stats page when reading the codex?

When asking Emily “So, about yesterday…” the option isn’t disabled, unlike the others

When the teacher called out to me, he just said “2” instead of my name

–but do you see the forest, or just the trees?" “You seem friendly enough, but how long can you keep this up before you exhaust yourself for the sake of others?” "You appear calm most of the time.-- this one is divided into three quotes, again by the same person and the same subject, with nothing in between. Honestly I dont know if thats wrong, but it looks weird.

I got 110% reserved, clearly my roleplaying as myself is on point.

The professor mentions the “ordeal at the library” as a good thing for me, but Emily did everything, I just asked “how does your prof’s drive look like” (for the Insight MC, meanwhile I managed to get it as a Creativity MC), so I’m kinda confused, and the “trash-talking” was honestly pretty mild, apart from the vague “even stones can be broken” our mates’ seemed much more compromising (you’re irresponsible, you’re untrustworthy, your lack of faith is disturbing)

so if Priscilla doesnt “swing my way, or anyone else’s”, does that mean the sixth RO, including the twins, is Lucia? I look forward to both flirty and reserved paths with her

Now that I know the song is in both the cafe and grocery routes, I wonder if it has a deeper meaning… and is Emily from the Lower or Middle District? We guess its Middle during class, then she tells us “I guess I am” from the Lower, maybe she just likes to hang out at the Lower/Old City?

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Yeah, Lucy is a RO, though she didn’t get to appear much (yet).

Em is from MC, she just got kicked out of her home, more or less, and had to move to a place she could afford, and is a bit self-conscious about it.

As always, thanks for the feedback~ (the last scene isn’t finished yet, which is why it doesn’t work all that well)

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Hi! love the game and am definitely gonna be waiting for future updates.


In the ‘working at the grocery shop’ route, when Felix asks “Ready?”, all of the choices for the answer can’t be picked coz’ of a bug, i think? It says 'start up line 1843: Non-existent command ‘this’.
Sorry that I can’t send a screenshot and I don’t know why but I hope this helps.

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Hello, I’m glad you liked it! Also thank you for the bug report, I’ll fix it :blush:


That’s because of the line_break command, which is there because if I remove it, with certain combinations of text, this will happen:

I’m not sure how to solve this, but I’ll think on it.

That’s because the game tracks flirty/reserved and calm/nervous separately. This here checks if your stoic stat is >= 50.

For some reason, the image seems hilarious to me. But yeah, I’ll fix this with the other bugs, and the “judgement” scene.

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I’ll try something when I wake up, there are probably two options that my insufficient hours of coding can see, either a) make temps at the start that set to the phrase you want them to say (using the {} thingys), which seem weird but I think would work, then just have him say the {placeholder} (if flirty >50 set temp “phrase”), no really, it looks like a very bad workaround and b) the one right way to do it that I promise you I’ll find someone who did it and help you out

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Hi! How are you doing? I just encountered a bug and was curious if it was intended to be there or not. Here it is:

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I’m fine, thank you :slight_smile: It’s fixed now.


13/09 update:

  • finished Ch2
  • added a couple “codex entries” to the stats screen
  • fixed more typos (big thanks to @Vilrek for help with that)

To-do next: code & stat revision, ch2 edit, start ch3. Also might add some small things here and there, so now is a good time for suggestions in case anyone wants to see anything added.

Cheers :smiley:


Getting errors for the save slots


The save plugin is not working :confused:

When being saved by Lucia, she calls me “1”

Day2 line 1480 unexistent variable “cafe”

I’m glad we get to interact with Lucia now, I wonder if we hang out with her and the Magistrix Marcus will be jealous


There is an error? I cannot proceed to art museum.

Yeah that happened to me I got sent back to the start and my save turned to an error

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I fixed the saves (again lol). CSIDE had hiccups with them so I disabled it, and forgot to put it back in.

@annd_guevarra2299 @Yalung what kind of error is there with the museum? Just getting back to the start? I’ll look into it in a sec

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After this, I cannot proceed it says error. Thank you!

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Thanks @lliiraanna

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@annd_guevarra2299 @Yalung aaand it should be fixed. But the museum will be in the next update, which is why the wording got me so confused lol

@Vilrek I’m aware of the name bug, though I’m not sure what’s causing it. Will look at it alongside some other bits of code a bit later.

Also, the idea of hanging out with the magistrix is hilarious, for spoilery reasons x)


Okay, I think I fixed the name bug. Turns out that, in my eternal wisdom, I managed to overwrite the ‘name’ variable with a temp one of the same name >>


19/09 update:

  • changes&additions to ch2, it should now be a bit better
  • finished the museum scene (aka former ch3), downgraded it to an interlude because that’s what it is; lots of character interaction. It’s all very fluffy until it’s not
  • stat work. Stats should actually work now, more or less. Relationship stats can now be seen, etc.
  • hopefully didn’t introduce any more bugs, but probably did

Mostly I’m just happy to be done with what’s essentially 2,5 chapters of exposition lol @@