Pon Para Error

Hey all,

Playing Pon para and getting an error the first time I’m playing a save game that had the Shadows DLC loaded.

1_intro line 5236: visited this line too many times (1000)

The reason I’m not just emailing support about it is I am cheating my stats big time on this playthrough so I’m not sure if this is something I’ve caused, but I have done a cheated playthrough previously without the Shadows DLC and that one loaded into the sequel with no issues.

Does anyone have any idea what’s causing it? I can quite easily go back to a previous save in the first game and adjust a stat if that is what’s caused it.

Im pretty sure your save is corrupted since i dont cheat stats im not sure if thst hss a bearing on that or not.

That line exists to prevent stats going above 5; the solution is to reduce the too-high stat to 5 and increase another stat instead. If all your stats are maxed out, it’ll get trapped in a permanent loop. I’m afraid Pon Para isn’t designed to accommodate this kind of modding; maxing out all your skills will also get you a “no available options” response when it’s time to increase a skill.


Awesome, just wasn’t sure why I got it after I purchased the DLC and not before. Easy enough to drop one of the stats and then save and import.