Polyamorous Romances in Choice Games

So I’m a huge fan of romance in games, but i found that there’s not many options for polyamorous relationships. I love them a lot :blush:

Do you guys have any suggestions?


There’s one in Tally Ho, you can have a romance with Rory and Frankincense if you interact romantically with both of them. I know there are more games, Choice of the Pirate if I remember correctly, but I haven’t played it.

That’s all I know. It might be that polyamorous romances are harder to code than monogamous ones, and therefore, it would be harder to find one that treat it with much depth. However, I still think that Tally Ho did a nice job with it, it’s quite an enjoyable game anyway.


There’s also Choice of the Petal Throne, where polyamory is pretty normal in their culture. You can marry as many as four people :grin:

I think it’s a bit tricky, but you can end up with both of the main ROs in Hollywood Visionary.


Heart of the House also has a poly romance option!


I have the game but i didn’t know you could romance those two :0
Definitely going to try it out! Thank you for the kind suggestion.

owo Omg so many options, added to the list! Thanks buddy ^^

Yeah I’ve played that one! Enjoyed it very much! Thanks :smile:


You can romance multiple people in Tin Star at the same time . However, only certain combinations lead to actual polyamorous relationships.


Would you mind telling me with a little spoiler tag? Thank you :slight_smile:


Whoops, sorry.
Fixed that.

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Thanks, sorry if it was too forwards ;;

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Might I also add that Diabolical l had a Polyamorous choice for the two romance options in the game.

The two romance choices, The count(Countess)and steelheart can both be romanced at the same time

Apparently rising odds and the chance to do the deed with the MC makes the steadfast morals of Steelheart melt away magically. And also the fact that The count(countess) trying to steal your space station ,killing your crew, and by extension yourself a few hours prior to the encounter doesn’t really matter to them

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So many news things that I’m learning! Thank you, gosh now i know how to spend my boring days…

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It’s actually one of my favorite games on the site, I wish there was more character 1n1 time. It’s a linear story but I find the humor refreshing against the dramatic, or intense route that most games take. You’re literally a villain with nothing better to do than screw stuff up, have to hand it to the mc they are downright ambitious and proactive in the story.


Gotta play that game now if it has such an amazing story! Really thank you for the suggestion, it’s nice to see different stuff here and there.

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sweet, sweet molten chocolate

or something of that nature I haven’t played it in a while

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I am parcel to the floursack ghost to be honest.:ghost::ghost::ghost:

I absolutely love the scene where you can bribe kids to help you commit robbery, but it’s the icing on the cake when steelheart finds you :rofl:

It’s mainly to taste, try the demo cause it basically sets the tone for the game with the first 3 chapters. and it just spirals out of control from there.


you decided to bribe them? I just gave one hell of a speech and they all went hooligan on the guards


LOL I forgot that was an option. It’s been so long since I last played.

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It seems I have a lot to play. Thank you all!

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Since I think it wasn’t mentioned yet, in the Versus series you can romance Breeze and Lady Venuma at the same time. And it’s implied there will be more characters you can romance at the same time in future installments, like Imperva.


Outside of CoG and HG, Jade Empire has this option. A female PC can romance a guy and a girl at once, and a male can romance both available ladies.