Polls about COG, HG, and IF games

I like to play as someone who manipulates people without actually harming them directly.

Basically Agent 47’s ‘accidental kills’ MO and the Dark Side path of KOTOR 2.

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I’m partial to short-tempered, assertive types, preferably with a penchant for derisive humor. :sweat_smile:


I don’t personally prefer a type of RO, but I do enjoy when there is a lot of variety in personality types as its more fun to playthrough again and see what each one is like. I usually do this unless I find a RO particularly boring or unlikeable.


I’m not gonna spam Interest Check, so I think this thread is better for asking my stupid questions :sweat_smile:

Would you enjoy fighting against a big monster with tons of health?

Exemple: in Magic the gathering Shandalar, once you have won against the AI. The final boss is a huge dragon.

It is a card game lol and no, I never won against him.

Let’s say you are playing a choice of script game, and you have the story part but also a part where you get to get in a ring and fight opponents like this one, until your health goes to zero.

Would you enjoy it?

  • Yes! As long as I have a chance to win!
  • Yes! But make it a Brawl, winning isn’t a priority for me
  • No Thanks, I stick to the story part
  • No because it sound boring like hell
  • Others (Expand in the comments)

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Amateur. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I DID beat Shandalar back in the day, though good luck on getting it to run in any modern machine.


Ah! I like to see you try your luck against him lol


You mean I don’t have to be a bumbling Orc barbarian? You mean people have unique personalities and minds? What a load of hokey.


I’ve gone all my life without a personality, and I don’t intend to start now!

The Honour Among Thieves trailer clearly shows that you can be a super-hot human barbarian. Or at least Michelle Rodriguez can.


For one thing, I’d love to see more eloquent orc barbarians. Nerdy orcs who spend more time in the library than in the training grounds. Orcs who are known for their finesse and roguish charm. Down with stereotypes!


That movie looks so good. And I second that. :eyes:


I chose that option because I find that reading about the characters outside of the story itself makes me biased and I won’t be able to judge how well they are fleshed out in the story. It’s worse if they have portraits and I form an image about who they are even before I start reading the story. It makes giving the author meaningful feedback a lot harder because I would be judging the characters (unwillingly) based on their description in the forum post and not by their actions/descriptions/interactions within the game.

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1/ We have a gender-locked game but the Love Interest is the gender you’re interested in…
2/ And a game with LI whose gender you aren’t interested in, but you can choose Protagonist Character’s gender.

Which one will you choose?

To put it in simple way:

Option 1:

  • Pros: The LIs are what you want
  • Cons: The choice of PC’s gender is lost

Option 2:

  • Pros: You can choose your gender
  • Cons: The LIs are not what you’re interested
  • I don’t mind PC’s gender, as long as the LIs are the gender I’m interested in
  • I don’t mind LI’s gender but I have to choose PC’s gender
  • I don’t mind the gender as long as the story is good

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By the way, would you play a game with only one gender LIs? (examples: a game where you can only date hot guys or a game you can only flirt with girls…)

  • Yes, I’m interested in female
  • Yes, I’m interested in male
  • No, it’s better to have both genders

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I only ever go for female ROs, so I wouldn’t mind only having females as options, but I do feel that, generally, games with both as ROs and have a “friendship” system at the very least for anyone you are not interested in are more immersive.


I always skip gender-locked games, because even when they are ‘Female’ locked, it’s still hetero since the romances are ‘Males’.

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What about genderlocked games with a female PC and either exclusively female ROs or a combination of male and female ROs? I can think of several games that fit that description.

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If forced to choose, I’d definitely go for the first option. Speaking as a straight man, having the option to choose my gender would be a rather redundant feature if all the ROs are going to be men (as I’m never going to choose to play as a man in that scenario because gay male romance doesn’t interest me whatsoever).

When given the choice (at least on a first playthrough anyway) I do tend to play as a man, but I’m not averse to being gender-locked as a woman if the romances and overall story are good (Guenevere springs to mind, for example, as I find the roleplaying options in that story to be interesting). As long as there’s a woman involved (whether playing as one or romancing one), I’m all good (so male/female, female/male, female/female would interest me, but not male/male).

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Honestly, both of those choices would result in me not playing the game. I’d be slightly happier with the first option, though, because the game’s description usually states up front that gender is locked, so I get a warning in advance. Finding out that none of the ROs interest me usually only happens after I’ve bought the game and played awhile, which is quite a disappointment.


Speaking as a gay man, pretty much my entire gaming experience before discovering CoG was either “play as a man but date women” or “play as a woman to date men” and never “actually play as someone like myself”, and I don’t particularly want to have to go back to the bad old days. I guess I’d be fine with a game where all the ROs are male, though, as long as I did get to choose my own gender.


Since the “desired” RO gender always depends on the individual preferences of the MC I’m currently playing (usually queer in some way), there are technically no “undesirable” RO genders for me as a player. Thus, the real downside of Option 2 (my choice), for me, would be the inability to play as someone who can be attracted to more than one gender.

Also, I do prefer choosing my MC’s gender because that significantly increases the likelihood of being able to play as a trans MC.


Reviving this topic because it occurred to me that my post didn’t really belong in the Interest Check thread. Mods can split/merge if they think I chose poorly.

Since the subject came up a few times recently, I’m curious regarding the forum’s opinions about older and/or variably aged MCs. Once the MC is older than their teens/very early twenties, suddenly the range of possible ages that suit the plot becomes much bigger.

When choosing the MC’s age:

  • Prefer vague age.
  • Prefer vague age, but with hard upper/lower limits.
  • Prefer to choose from age ranges.
  • Prefer to choose from exact, explicit ages.

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Vague age: refer to the MC’s age as little as possible, giving the most possible leeway for roleplaying.

Upper/lower limits: the MC’s age could be anywhere within a range with hard limits, e.g. referring to events in the MC’s past or to the relative age of NPCs.

Choose from age ranges: choose whether the MC is in their 30s/40s/50s, etc. as appropriate to the story.

Choose from specific ages: choose whether the MC is 36, 48, or 60, for example.

Follow-up: what qualifies as an “older” MC?

  • Any MC who is out of school/university.
  • 30s and older.
  • 40s and older.
  • 50s and older.
  • I won’t be satisfied until I can play an MC who’s at least 60.

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