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Readers: do you prefer to pick the gender of non-RO NPCs or would you prefer if the gender for those characters was preset?

  • I prefer to not pick the gender of non-RO NPCs.
  • I prefer to pick the gender of non-RO NPCs.

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As a writer, I 100% support not having the choice to pick non-RO NPC genders. Too much coding haha. However, as a reader, I still would choose to not pick NPC genders. At least for me, I like having a preset world that I can self insert into. I dont want to pick every little detail, I’d rather have the author’s original ideas shine through.


I think it would also take you out of immersion more if for every person you meet you have to pick gender. I made the side characters that my MC will have with him have a variable gender but feel that is already a lot, imagine doing the same for more NPC’s that are not even romanceable. That is just my feeling although I am a bit surprised by the 25% that would be interested to see this? I wonder if that’s really representative and would like to hear the argument. I think the idea is good but it would only work on a sequential playthrough imo. How can you decide a characters gender without knowing the character. → You’re going to the shop, the shop owner is *choice male/female/nb. How do you decide without knowing what’s coming? Or do these people just want all people to be the same gender?


I wouldn’t want to have to pick the gender for every NPC, but it’s fine if it’s just one or two, like family or a childhood friend, or something.

But, I’m also completely fine with them being set.


In my story, there are two possible NPCs (your pet house cat griffin and your ghost) that I considered, at one point or another, to be gender flippable. Eventually I decided to make the pet griffin locked to female in memory of my late cat and I’ve been considering locking the ghost since that character has their own set personality.

The reason why I pondered making these two gender flippable is because the MC is responsible for them in some way, so I figured giving the player the option to choose their gender would somehow mirror that responsibility. I think I was very tired and that sounds very convoluted now that I’ve written it out. :rofl:


Chiming in to say that @The_Lady_Luck’s opinion seems to hold true in my experience with my WIP

In ACOM, players can choose the gender of their best, childhood friend. If Alex’s popularity is any indication, this doesn’t seem to be off-putting to most of my readers. So one or two characters like this probably won’t hurt!


To me it’s always a huge risk because gender-flipping is a HUGE flag that the character is “romanceable” (unless said character is like, the MC’s sibling or something), so it’ll only lead to disappointment when the player finds out that said character is not, in fact, a RO.


Readers: between the two choices of picking a pet and not having a pet in the story, what would you choose?

  • I’d pick the pet.
  • I wouldn’t pick the pet.
  • Depends on the pet.
  • Doesn’t matter.

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I’m struggling to come up with some key scenes that would be the alternative if you didn’t have the pet since the pet plays a small yet important role, so I think I might just lock the pet in the story. I know that might turn some people off, so I wanted to see what people think.

For everyone curious about the pet I have in mind, it’d be a griffin the size of a house cat. So something like this:


Here’s your alternative scene:

“Say, I can’t help noticing that you don’t have a pet. What’s that all about? Do you not love all of God’s creatures on this fair earth?”

#“That is correct. I loathe all beings, large and small. Would you care to make something of it?”
#“How I wish I had the mental wherewithal to care for another being other than myself. But alas.”
#“Gosh! I guess I never thought of it.”
#“I used to have a pet. Then my nemesis thought of a good way to strike at me.” I flick away a single tear.
#“I like to think of you as my pet,” I say, embracing them.


Oh sorry! The alternative scenes themselves aren’t about making the decision to have the pet or not. It’s related to those stories where dogs or cats will come wake their owners up if there’s danger around. Then again the obvious answer would be the alarm would probably wake the MC up instead of the pet.


You could say it was left to the MC by a deceased relative? :thinking: And the MC can choose to keep it or be trying to find someone else to look for it if they don’t want to?


That or adoption. Either option works. :thinking:

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depends on the character I’m playing with : )
but if THAT is the pet they’d have the option to pick I’d probably still make them get it I mean look at it! It’s just too adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Readers: do you prefer to select the name of non-RO NPCs (sibling, parents, relatives, etc.) or do you prefer if the names were preset?

  • Yes, I prefer to select/input the name of NPCs.
  • No, I prefer to have the NPCs’ names preset.
  • Doesn’t matter to me.

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Related to a previous poll of mine. :slight_smile:


On one hand, I’d rather the author name their own NPCs. But on the other, I imagine it would be frustrating if the family member has a name that doesn’t fit the ethnicity or culture you imagine your MC has. Or even if you call your MC something super out there and your twin’s called something real plain.


I remember in some games it would have been fun and convenient having option to name MC sister or parent or something

@chloeab1 and I pretty much have the same thought process on this, and I’ll admit it’s something that’s bugged me quite a bit while planning one of my projects.

As yet, my current workaround is to present the reader with the…I hesitate to say that it’s canon name but I can’t think of anything better, lol. Well, anyway, the current plan is to introduce the sibling with that plus the option to choose a different name from a preset selection, just because I don’t want users abusing the ability to input things, lol. Welp, we’ll see how long I’m satisfied with that before changing things again!


I voted for ‘prefer to select’, but it depends on the character in question.

I usually prefer to select sibling names (especially if there’s nicknames), but I think parents/friends/relatives are too much. Personally, the more customizable the character is, the more I would want to also customize their name.

If it feels more like the author’s character, and not someone I feel like I have control over (being able to select their gender and starting relationship with the MC for example), I actually like it better if the characters have their own name.

But I’ll name them anyway if you give me the option :stuck_out_tongue:


When I’ve entered real parent name etc just for fun Ive never expected this would be seen as wrong or “too much” esp when a suggested name is there as an option for any players who dont enjoy entering custom names

Yeah that’s how I felt too! For some reason, naming the parents or other NPCs in games doesn’t make me feel more connected to them, it just makes them feel less real. And I don’t HAVE to name the sibling, I’ll be just fine either way, but, weirdly, naming the sibling always makes me feel a little more invested in them. It’s sort of like naming the baby in parenting simulator, but not exactly. In that game I would have been a little frustrated if I couldn’t name that NPC, but I know for Guenevere the author plans to have Guen’s potential children already named and that doesn’t bother me either. I really don’t know what the difference is, but there is one, for whatever reason. Maybe it’s just a matter of how established everything feels and whether or not that’s working for me in the context of the story.