POLL - What types of Protagonists/Main Characters are you open to playing in a Hosted Game?

We have a traitor among us. :mask:


If we were a sufficiently large tree, then we’re going to have a dozen insect colonies living on us. And if a tree!MC is sapient, it would be reasonable to make everything living on us sapient too, as they go on with their resource wars / social restructuring / whatever personal drama an insect gets into. We’d be a witness to history, of sorts. On top of that, if we have the ability to generate chemicals / redistribute resources / move (somewhat), we could participate.

An injured beetle (insert character name) has landed on your branches seeking asylum. Do you
#/ Welcome it?
#/ Demand something in return?
#/ Get the opinion of the ant tribe living on the same branch?
#/ Encase it with amber, as a souvenir?

(After a few generations in insectoid time and character interactions)
The beetle has fathered a colony which burrows into your bark.

Due to the combined food demands of the immigrant beetle colony and the aboriginal caterpillars, one of your branches is starting to wilt. Do you:
#/ Exile the beetles and {beetle_name} using repellent? #/ Exile the caterpillars and {caterpillar_name} using repellent?
#/ Chemically compell them to fight each other until only one group survives?
#/ Call down an eldritch abomination (a woodpecker?) on them both?
#/ Increase nutrient flow to the branch?


Personally, I don’t play gender-locked-male, no romance games and games where none of the RO’s interest me.Tags are actually the very first thing I check before clicking on the post and then I check the RO’s list before trying/buying the game because I’ve had a lot of disappointments before :pensive:

I don’t really like games where you play as a “pure” animal either but there is one exception (I think the title is Choice of the Cat or something) as for the other non-humans, I don’t enjoy playing as a ghost or an alien who’s got like four arms/eyes and the likes but werewolves and vampires don’t bother me :woman_shrugging:

I don’t mind not being the “real” protagonist tho as long as we can choose the gender of the character

EDIT: Oh my god sorry I didn’t see this post was so old! I’ll be more careful next time, sorry again! Do I have to remove it?

Should be fine. There’s no ongoing discussions with similar topic as this one, afaik, and those with strict no-necro are WIP threads. You guys feel free to continue here, and if you think there’s a specific point you want to discuss that doesn’t relate to this thread, also feel free to create new one.


Watership Down comes to mind, White Fang, Animal Farm, etc.

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Uhm, not sure what I even meant back then. But yeah sure, they seem to be alright.

As @Szaal stated (and I just want to emphasize), you can always hop into and revive general discussions because there’s a timelessness to them (there will always be ongoing conversations about gender choice in CS games, I think). Additionally, it’s better to contribute to an ongoing discussion (even if it’s been dormant for a while) rather than starting a new thread about the very same topic, since creating new threads just creates a bunch of redundant conversations spread out over multiple pages.

We only don’t want old WIP threads to be revived, since those hinge on authors and work that haven’t been updated for months to years. It tends to get people’s hopes up, or be non-contributive if the author in question hasn’t even visited the forums in the last half-decade. :slight_smile: I hope that clears things up!

Moreytown was an interesting mix of non-human anthropomorphic animals. I would play a protagonist like that (a feline race like the Khajit in Elder Scrolls or, I don’t know, reptilian/dragon people), but probably not a pure animal like a dog in the modern world.

All that being said, a Redwall-style CS game would be amazing!