Please help. Error: startup line 11: Invalid expression, couldn't extract another token: énero ""

This is the startup:

*title Electrolísis
*author Arwen


*create Elemento ""
*create Género ""
*create Nombre ""
*create Creatividad 0
*create Imaginación 0
*create Conocimiento 0

And this is the variables.txt:

      *set Elemento "Electricidad"
      *goto género
      *set Elemento "Agua"
      *goto género

*label género
Ahora, elige si eres niño o niña.

      *set Género "Niño"
      *if Elemento = "Electricidad"
        *goto electrón1
        *goto lluvia1
      *set Género "Niña"
      *if Elemento = "Electricidad"
        *goto electrón1
        *goto lluvia1

I have no idea why this error appears. Anyone know why?

I know this is actually not what the error message reported, but I think the trouble exist on this area

Try putting those conditional checks inside a parentheses. Like this:
*if (Elemento = "Electricidad")

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It’s possible that you may not be able to use accented characters in the name of your variables (as opposed to within “string” values or as narrative text, where they definitely work just fine).

Have you tried changing ‘Género’ to ‘Genero’? (Or better yet, ‘genero’, since keeping all variable names lower case seems to be good practice, to prevent any possible confusion or issues later down the line…)

Also, I don’t know if you’ll have a problem in using the same name for labels as you have for variables? That would be another thing to check. Maybe change the label to *label establecer_genero, or something like this?