Planetary Quarantine -- Beta Testers Needed


You know the drill.

Send comments directly to the author: andrew DOT schaefer AT sbcglobal DOT net


error message mail direction doesnt exist


mara you send it to who make sure it’s jason AT choiceofgames DOT com


request sent :smiley:




I don’t know the drill!



Cheers fantom.


I try to be helpful :slight_smile:


@RVallant Alright. Since it was deleted, can I at least have the post back, for future editing and sending to him? I would hate to have to type everything up again.


@Turtler - I didn’t delete it, I’m not a mod. So I can’t help there sorry.


@RVallant Thanks anyway. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate hearing from them.


@Turtler you can’t see if you got a historial image when the post also what sistem you use to launch the beta don’t work for me.


@MaraJade Thanks. I use a Firefox on my home computer.


@Turtler check your inbox at the top of the forums. I sent it all to you.


@JimD Thank you. Much appreciated.


the game don’t work on my iPhone and don’t work in my new tablet android too don’t load


@Turtler - Email the author don’t put it on here.


Right now, I don’t think we need any more beta-testers. Andrew’s going to do an overhaul, and we’ll open this back up once he’s ready.