'til death do us part -- beta testers needed

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for: Affairs of the Court pt 3 is ready to be beta-tested.

You should send feedback to support-romance AT choiceofgames

No need to cc me.

(Sorry for nooby question, not done this before) How do I sign up to beta test? Really excited about part 3.

its to support… choiceofgames or finished with a Dot com? gmail says is a error direction

@Draggo email the man at jason @ choiceofgames . com remove those spaces and then make sure you tell him you wanna test this game choice of crown.

Hey @jasonstevanhill, quick Q, will we be able to play our saves on the beta game ?

@Draggo all the information is found in the ‘New to the Choice of Games Forums? Read this first!’ thread, which should be near the top of page 1 as it’s an announcement…

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How do I sign up it

@Quinesia info is found in the “New to the Choice of Games Forums…” thread, as aforementioned, and the email address has been helpfully supplied by @2Ton earlier in this thread. The email address isn’t fully joined (it’s normally posted as something along the lines of ‘jason AT choiceofgames DOT com’) to prevent bots from spamming it (if you’re wondering), so please don’t post it without breaking it up somehow while on the forum!


Er thanks

Wow finally!

Coup de etat Coup de etat!

@Player Aw C’mon my French is bad and I just did an essay in it!

Coup d’état,Coup d’état,Coup d’état

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@Player NOOOoOo! Make it stop! PLEASE! There’s no need to be mean!

(You’re saying something about overthrowing, government perhaps? Correct me if I’m wrong.)

Looks like a good game.


I think @player is about to do a Revolution and Overthrow the government of France.

To be fair, overthrowing the government of France is always a valid option.

Unsatisfied with the current situation? Overthrow the French Government!
Spilled some wine and can’t get the stain out? Overthrow the French Government!
Need some burning cars for a romantic night out? Overthrow the French Government!

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No I just overthrew another government more fictional than real.

Finally killed that bitch.

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*Purchases a ticket on the hijacked train.*

I’m not wanting to spoil the fun, but I would like to respectfully ask everyone to keep on-topic while posting in this thread (actually, we don’t really need to post in this thread much- I can’t really see many reasons for it).

Thanks in advance!

Is there a deadline for when we have to send our feedback to the author? I’ve had a busy day and this is my first bit of free time, and I thought I’d maybe play the first two games just to refresh my memory before moving on to this one. Is that okay if I’m maybe another couple days or so? Sorry, this is my first time beta testing so I’m not really familiar with how things work yet.