Pillars of the Light [fantasy WiP] 09/07/24 | 62k words | ch1 done

Thank you!

Not really, but certain elements were inspired by the various Heavenly Demon manhwas. I’m kinda happy someone figured this one out! :laughing:
So it’s just that: a fantasy story with some elements of it. Therefore:

Is not ‘divine’ in cultivation sense, but in the ‘god-given’ (spirit-given?) sense. Just so no one gets disappointed :stuck_out_tongue: I like writing the MC as competent, and they’re going to grow, but this is no power fantasy.
(but I understand the phrasing is a bit misleading, so I went ahead and changed it to ‘special powers’)

@AnneWest No prob! I hope I’ll be able to balance it well enough.


Thank you for this. I know a lot of people really seem to like it, but I find the “OP PC” that’s so in demand lately to just be deathly boring.


They can be OP in terms of power, but still have a lot of flaws for character development later down in the story. Or, if you watch/read anime/manga, you could have someone like Satoru Gojo who is considered OP born a genius who makes everything he does, seem as easy as breathing, but later down the line, the reader is made to understand the hard work he put to master his talents and power. Talent without hard work yields nothing.


I did watch/read manga, and that’s where the fatigue began to set in.

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For the record, I do believe that OP characters can be done well, but you kinda need to balance the story around it. This story, the way I originally envisioned, was about surviving, figuring things out, growing stronger, then reaching your goals, not necessary through force. The way I see it, foiling a clever plot or preventing a war through diplomacy is no less awesome than kicking a hole through a mountain.
At the end of the day, it’s an IF. I’ll be trying to provide different options, including the martially-inclined ones. And as I said, I like writing the MC as competent, but having them breeze through everything too easily would kinda destroy the atmosphere I’m going for. At the same time, I’m not writing them as someone who does nothing but fail. Which is why I said I hope I’ll be able to strike that balance where they feel neither weak nor too OP. (at least for this stage of the story)