Personality Variables vs Personality Variable (in the singular) [Poll]

Personality variables usually work well as opposed stats.

Now, if you’re doing something like Torment: Tides of Numenera where you have five stats pushing against each other, I suggest doing them all as single stats.


This is conflicting me, personally.
I never put a choice at what type I prefer the most, because based on my experience playing tons of Dashingdon WIPs, HG or COG—I’ve seen variety of it, the one that already done shit, the one that has done right—each of it with their own type.

So, I conclude the good or bad of personality system in the game depends on the author.

For example of numerical value done right, like in
Smoke and Velvet
(Dashingdon WIP)

Sincerely, I never seen “set personality with a single choice” type, I’m curious what that would be. But it sounds less of freedom and putting the player in a box.

As I choose the poll with “other” option, I kinda prefer what
Samurai of Hyuga did.
You gave an interlude/prologue to collect point for opposite stat of your personality, then *it locked
for the rest of the game.

And narrative text and even the MC’s response change based on that personality, but you still got a chance to choose your own option—but it will decrease your “Attunement” stat—its ok anyways.

So, I love any type of personality system especially opposing stat only if— it didn’t change and locked to stay on my preferable side of pairs.
Maybe some people could relate with me, I’m worried at personality stat when playing a wip/HG/COG games and always anxious if it’s changes. Every choice made, I will check the stat to keep it stay on side of pairs I like.

Because just in case maybe in that game has “stat check” when I was playing my first HG game, I didn’t knew if there would be stat check based on personality … so what happened next is out of my liking.

So since that, I learn from mistake and got this weird anxious toward personality stat LOL

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I do too – but I rarely like the way that fixed personality is implemented. Like others have said, even a generally angry person shouldn’t have to always be angry, even when the situation is obviously inappropriate.

My preferred approach would be to get the choice of tone in each response I make, so I’m the one choosing my “voice,” and let my consistency or inconsistency in those choices affect how others perceive me while not locking me into always using any one tone. So the more consistently I’m sarcastic, the more people will react to me that way, but I’m not turned into an idiot who can’t stop being sarcastic in front of, say, an Elder God.


I mean, that would be on brand for an old roommate of mine, so I can see it happening with a pc :joy::joy:

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Somebody please write that scene (I mean, somebody whose Elder Gods aren’t sarcastic themselves).

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I voted for opposed pairs. The way I do personality stats in my story, I let the reader choose the actions, but let the reactions after the choice be based on the personality stats.

I don’t exactly have a “set personality” at the start, but I have variables called “traits” that boosts a certain personality stat. So you can choose to be extroverted for example, which makes choosing introverted choices have less of an effect to the stat overall.

I’m disappointed my What if opposing stats actually used two variables? thread didn’t gather much interest. Using two variables for opposed stats basically functions like fairmath, so your earlier choices have a greater effect on your personality, while later choices will have a diminishing effect as time goes on.

I haven’t really tested how well it holds up since I’m still fairly early in my story, but I figured I’d bring it up. :slightly_smiling_face: